Saturday, February 25, 2012

Most Bizarre President Ever

Dead ex President the 'Best,' Harris Poll

06 Feb 2012

By Jimbomax wire

In one of the most bizarre stories in modern U.S. History, the bigoted, war monger, insensitive, mean-spirited, unforgiving and Alzheimer racked Ronald Reagan was selected as the best modern U.S. President.

The man who couldn't even keep track of who the U.S. was attacking militarily at a given time and who relied on his ex movie actor wife, who consulted with clairvoyants, to advise him what to do, outdistanced both Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy in the public's opinion: 25% Reagan, 19% Roosevelt and 15% Kennedy.

Reagan's bumbling, mumbling, misinformed style and his disdain for the poor and disabled; together with his penchant for judging the character of other world leaders by the way they ate jelly beans, apparently swayed the public.

Historians were appalled by the public's selection of the classically dumb Reagan as the best President in modern U.S. history. One scholar almost lost his lunch when informed of the selection.

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