Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Blonde Beauty Bitches

Good-Looking Blonde Complains She Is Too Beautiful By Spooky on June 5th, 2013 Category: News It’s not easy being beautiful, at least according to 21-year-old Dana Adiva, who says her looks are both a blessing and a curse. She is treated like a princess, but the same time women are jealous of her beauty, and men just can’t help staring at her. Dana, an aspiring professional wrestler from Illinois, was recently featured on MTV’s “True Life” where she complained about being too beautiful. The young blonde claimed she has had people telling her how pretty she was all the time, but things got ugly when she got to high-school. “I got so much attention from all the guys, but I didn’t get along with any of the girls,” Adiva said. “They were extremely jealous of me”. Things really got out of control when she started getting hate mail from other girls, which eventually forced her to drop out of school. And that’s only one of the tough things she has had to deal with because of her look. Apparently, it’s also affecting her chances of finding true love. “I’m hoping to find love someday but when you look like me it’s not easy. My looks get in the way,” Dana said. “When I walk into a bar I’m used to every guy staring at me,” but the men she is actually interested in never seem to take her seriously. Truly a tragedy, this is… But the wrestler wannabe admits it’s not all bad. “I get anything I want and I get treated like a princess. I don’t have to be smart, because I have my looks,” Dana said on the show. Still, the perks of being beautiful weren’t enough for her in the beginning. Men stared at her “no matter what”, which she thought was “the most irritating thing in the world”, so she tried making herself less attractive. She tried dyeing her hair brown, wearing glasses and even putting on weight, but nothing seemed to keep men’s eyes off her. So ultimately she decided to embrace her curse, and make herself even more attractive. She’s planning to invest in some breast implants, which she reckons will make her go from a 10 to a 200.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Baby Jesus Snatched, Twice

Police: Baby Jesus taken, replaced with pig's head AP | Associated Press December 26, 2014 12:36PM EST HAVERHILL, Mass. (AP) — A mayor in Massachusetts is outraged that someone stole a baby Jesus statue from a church's Nativity scene and replaced it with a pig's head. Haverhill Mayor James Fiorentini says the desecration has "all the elements of a hate crime." The parish priest noticed the statue had been taken from the creche at Sacred Hearts Roman Catholic Church on Christmas morning. Police say the pig's head left in its place appears to have been recently severed, and investigators are seeking help from butcher shops and pig farms. Police say the perpetrator could face animal cruelty charges. Meanwhile, a neighbor replaced the baby Jesus with one from her own creche. The baby Jesus figurine was also stolen from the Nativity scene on Greenfield Town Common, likely before dawn on Christmas Eve.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Bare Breasted Woman Banned By Vatican

Vatican forever bars woman who bared breasts, grabbed baby Jesus statue
Dec 27, 2014 10:45 AM ET Last Updated: Dec 27, 2014 12:24 PM ET Vatican Femen Protest Italian police officers arrest a Ukrainian feminist group Femen activist after she snatched the statue of Baby Jesus from the Nativity scene set in St. Peter's Square and also bared her breasts. (Associated Press) The Vatican said it had arrested a member of women's rights group Femen who on Christmas Day bared her breasts and grabbed a statue of the baby Jesus from a nativity scene in front of thousands of people in St. Peter's Square. Femen's website says the woman was protesting as part of its anti-clerical "Massacre of the Innocents" campaign contesting religions' "maniacal desire to control women's fertility". Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said Friday that Ukrainian citizen Iana Aleksandrovna Azhdanova was being detained and questioned by a Vatican judge. On Saturday, the Vatican said she had been released and was forbidden to return to the Holy See. He said she was accused of vilification of religion, obscene acts in public, and theft. He said her action "offended the religious feelings of many people". A Vatican policeman stopped Azhdanova, who had "God is woman" written on her chest, and covered her with his cape. She staged her protest shortly after Pope Francis had finished reading his Christmas greeting to the crowd. Femen activists have staged protests at the Vatican before, the latest last month, and have been let go. But Lombardi said the Vatican had decided to be firm this time and arrest Azhdanova because her action was "particularly grave". Lombardi said the group had "intentionally, repeatedly and gravely violated the right of the faithful to see their legitimate religious convictions respected".
28 Dec. 2014 Taiwan Not the actual hippo, which was receiving medical care, but a close relative. A hippopotamus jumped out of a truck as it was being transported in Taiwan on Friday, breaking a tooth and a leg and lying on the street for hours. The driver of the truck said he slammed on the brake and that probably frightened the hippo. Reuters, citing local media, said the injured hippo was eventually lifted into a truck and transported to a small lake where it is receiving medical treatment.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

3D Vaginas

Dec.23,2014 Tokyo A Japanese woman who makes art based on her vagina has been charged with obscenity, in a case that has sparked discussion on censorship. Megumi Igarashi, 42, had allegedly displayed an "obscene" work at a Tokyo sex shop and sent 3D data of her genitals to other people. She was arrested in early December and has been held in detention since then. Ms Igarashi was previously arrested in July, but was later released following a legal appeal and public pressure. On Wednesday Ms Igarashi was charged with obscenity for displaying a work modelled on her vagina and for distributing data that could be used to print out a 3D copy of her genitals, reported the Asahi Shimbun newspaper. Ms Igarashi, who goes by the name Rokudenashi-ko which means "no-good girl" in Japanese, pleaded not guilty. Asahi Shimbun reported that she read out in court a prepared statement which said: "My works are all meant to induce friendly laughter because they involve cutely decorating sexual organs. The works are not obscene." Japan's obscenity laws ban the depiction of genitalia, which are blurred in broadcast media and images. If convicted, Ms Igarashi could be jailed up to two years and/or fined as much as 2.5 million yen (£13,350, $20,750). This handout picture taken by Rokudenashiko and Marie Akatani on 19 October 2013 shows artist Megumi Igarashi paddling a kayak designed to be the shape of her own vagina in Tokyo. Ms Igarashi is known for her vagina-shaped kayak Controversial kayak Ms Igarashi made international headlines in July when she was arrested, after she raised funds online to make a vagina-shaped kayak using a 3D printer. She had sent data that could be used to create 3D models of her vagina to those who had donated to her. She was released after several days following a legal appeal and a petition signed by more than 17,000 people saying her work was art and not obscene, reported Japan Times. But police arrested her again on 3 December on similar grounds. They also arrested the owner of a Tokyo sex shop for allegedly displaying Ms Igarashi's "obscene goods" in her shop window from October 2013 until July this year. The woman was later freed after a judge refused to allow prosecutors to question her further. Authorities however were allowed to continue to detain Ms Igarashi because the judge was concerned that she would "destroy evidence or flee", said Asahi Shimbun. Her case has sparked debate on the nature of censorship and Japan's obscenity laws. Correspondents say that opinion is split in Japan over whether Ms Igarashi's work is obscene, with some pointing out that images of penises are not seen as causing offence. On her website, Ms Igarashi, who has made several items based on her genitals using a silicone mould, said she wanted to make vaginas "more casual and pop", much like how penises are regarded as "part of pop culture" in Japan.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Family Saved From Torture Visit To Disneyland

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Michael and Trudi Hardman had always talked about taking their six children to Disney World, and just a week before Thanksgiving, it seemed their "dream trip" was to be a reality. But just a little more than three hours after they took to the road Wednesday night, their SUV veered off a highway and rolled over in Louisiana, killing them and three of the kids. Police believe the couple's 16-year-old son apparently fell asleep behind the wheel of the SUV en route from Terrell, Texas, to Orlando, Florida. The driver, who was not identified, was cited with careless operation, which is a misdemeanor, following the 11 p.m. crash on Interstate 20 near Calhoun, Louisiana State Police spokesman Michael Reichardt said. Michael Hardman's brother, Timothy Hardman, said the driver and two passengers were injured, one critically. The teen driver veered left onto the median and then tried to get back onto the highway but overcorrected, causing the 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe to roll over, police said. Michael and Trudi Hardman were both primary-school teachers from Terrell, Texas. Also killed were sons Dakota Watson, 15, and Adam Hardman, 7; and daughter Kaci Hardman, 4, police said. None of those killed wore seat belts but the driver did, officials said. The distance between Terrell and Orlando is about 1,050 miles — a 16-hour drive. The family left their home in Terrell about 7 p.m. or 8 p.m. Wednesday, according to Timothy Hardman, meaning the accident occurred early in the journey. Michael Hardman was a second-grade teacher at an elementary school in Terrell, said Terrell Independent School District Superintendent Michael French. He had worked in the district for two years, French said. Hardman also was a little league baseball coach who coached his sons, one of whom, 12-year-old Aaron Hardman, was in critical condition at a Shreveport hospital, Timothy Hardman said. "He never turned a kid away," Timothy Hardman said. "Michael probably had the biggest heart of anybody you ever knew. He just loved kids." The driver and the other injured passenger were treated at the hospital and released Thursday morning, Hardman said. French said a counselor contacted the parents of students in Michael Hardman's class to let them know about his death, and counselors also are available to support both staff and students. "Our thoughts and prayers are with his family members, colleagues, students and friends," he said. "We must lift each other up during this difficult time," French said. Trudi Hardman was a kindergarten teacher at Wills Point Primary school and had worked for the Wills Point Independent School District for about 10 years, Superintendent Suzanne Blasingame said in an email. Blasingame said Michael Hardman also had formerly taught at Wills Point Primary. "Our school and community is grieving for this family," said Blasingame, who had traveled to Louisiana to be with the family. Timothy Hardman, 38, of Crandall, Texas, said his brother and Trudi Hardman were married about five years ago and had six children between them. Michael Hardman had three boys from a previous marriage, while Trudi Hardman had two boys from a previous marriage, Timothy Hardman said. The couple had a daughter, Kaci, together, he said. Timothy Hardman, who traveled to Louisiana after he was notified of the accident, said his brother's family had scheduled the trip about nine months ago, and had planned to stay at Disney World for a week. "They've always talked about it," he said. "It was their dream trip. It was an opportunity for them to take all of their kids." Police don't believe the young driver was impaired, but a toxicology sample was taken. The stretch of I-20 where the deadly crash took place is flat and straight and the weather was clear, they said. "Our heartfelt condolences go out to all of the people affected by this tragic crash," said Col. Mike Edmonson, the Louisiana State Police superintendent. "In an instance, this family vacation turned into an unspeakable tragedy." ___ Previous versions of this story erroneously reported the charge against the driver. The driver was cited with careless operation, a misdemeanor, not reckless operation of a vehicle, which is a felony.