Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Teen Mom Star Goes Naked

April 30, 2013

Farrah Abraham is fessing up -- sort of -- about her sex tape/porn film with James Deen. After remaining mostly mum on the subject, the Teen Mom star clarified to Us Weekly on Wednesday, April 10, that the explicit flick with the beloved male porn star does, indeed, exist.

"After seeing James speaking about my personal video as a porn film and not even contacting me before running his mouth, I have to say I am very disappointed," Abraham tells Us.  (Deen, 27, had publicly characterized the shoot as a professional porno rather than a casual "sex tape.") "I personally will never have anything to do with James.  I'm a great woman, mother and entrepreneur.

Now that the world is aware of said tape (Deen said they shot it over the weekend), Abraham says that she's willing to sell the talked-about XXX film -- for a price.  "I will not be settling for anything less then a couple million." Why was the tape made? "I wanted my own personal video made and photos taken for myself; when I am older I will have my best year to look back on. I'm happy to see my 21st year be done."

In a more recent release it was reported that Abraham had sold the film for $1,000,000 dollars.

Woman Sexually Assaults Dog

April 30, 2013

A Las Vegas woman was arrested Tuesday after authorities caught her having sex with a pit bull in her back yard, according to Metro police.
In an arrest report released Wednesday, police said they were called to a home in the 300 block of N. 16th Street, where 23-year-old Kara Vandereyk was engaging in sexual acts with the animal in full view of neighbors.
Police said the woman stood-up and greeted officers with a "Hi".
Vandereyk appeared to be under the influence of drugs or was mentally ill, according to the report.
Police said she could not identify herself and was unable to answer questions about the current date or name of the President of the United States.
Vandereyk is quoted in the report telling officers, "I'm bipolar." She also admitted to taking prescription medication but was not sure if she was on them at the time, police said.
Vandereyk is charged with open and gross lewdness. 
The canine was taken into the custody of Animal Control.

Step Right Up and Win a Big Prize

Man loses life savings in carnival game 

April 30, 2013

A New Hampshire man lost his life savings playing a carnival game and all he won was a stuffed banana with dreadlocks.   The man first lost $300 trying to win an X-Box.  He went home and returned  with his life savings, $2,600, to try to recover his losses.  But he lost his remaining money too.

The next day the carny operator returned him $600 and a giant, dreadlocked banana.

When You Gotta Go

NJ teacher to appeal firing for urinating in class

Apr 30 2013 
PATERSON, N.J. (AP) — A New Jersey second-grade teacher will appeal his firing for insubordination and inappropriate behavior, including urinating in class, his lawyer says.

The Record newspaper (http://bit.ly/Yj144i ) reports Ron Tuitt released a statement in which he denied sending students to flush bottles of his urine. He has taught in Paterson's schools since 1996.
State Education Commissioner Christopher Cerf approved removing Tuitt's tenure protection and firing him on April 18.
The state found the teacher once urinated in a classroom trash can, sometimes urinated in a plastic bottle and asked students to take his waste to the boys' bathroom, and let students sit in his motorized wheelchair.
Tuitt denied some of the charges and told the state that others were because he was ill and his principal removed some accommodations.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Nine Year-Old Boy Drives Ferrari

Indian father arrested for letting 9 year-old son drive Ferrari

Apr 29 2013

NEW DELHI (AP) — Police on Monday arrested a man who allowed his 9-year-old son to drive his Ferrari in the southern Indian state of Kerala.

Mohammed Nisham was arrested on charges of endangering the life of a child and allowing a minor to drive, said Inspector Biju Kumar.
He was later released after posting bail of 5,000 rupees ($92), Kumar said.

Nisham's wife filmed the boy driving the sports car on his ninth birthday two weeks ago with his 5-year-old brother in the passenger seat. The video was widely watched on YouTube and created an outrage across India, causing police to file charges.

India's economic boom has created a class of super-rich, whose excesses are frequently in the news.
Police Inspector M.V. Verghese said the boy's father, who has a thriving tobacco and real estate business, owns 18 cars worth an estimated $4 million.

Nisham turned himself in at a police station near the port city of Kochi, Kumar said.

Police have impounded the Ferrari, but it will be returned to him in a few days after police complete the paperwork for the case, police said.

The boy's parents were unabashed. "I am proud of him. He's been driving since he was 5," said his mother, Amal Nisham.

She said the boy has also driven the family's Lamborghini and Bentley and other cars.
"It was his ninth birthday, and since he was insisting for months, we allowed him to drive the Ferrari. He is a cautious and confident driver," she told television channel NDTV.
"It's not easy for a child to achieve such a feat at this young age," she said.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Wife Is my Sister - My Husband is my Brother

April 28, 2013

A couple who were born to different lesbians, the husband born to a single mom and the wife born to a couple, recently found out that their biological father was the same person.

The couple have three kids together and the husband cannot get his mind around the situation, telling himself that his wife is actually his sister.

The wife had found her father some time ago and the husband until as of late didn’t care to find his donor.  When he did his findings were shocking.

In recent years  the sperm bank industry has experienced this frequently.  Recently, a sperm  donor in Kansas was sued for child support payments by a lesbian couple. 

In 2011 a man learned he had fathered 150 children by sperm donations.

Inmate Hides iPhone in Rectum-Forgets To Mute It

April 28, 2013

When a man from New York had his phone stolen, he used an app to track down the suspect. The GPS led the victim to a local courthouse. Upon calling his phone, authorities could hear a muffled ringing coming from a prisoner.

Trent Patterson, 47, had been arrested for stealing clothing when a food vendor spotted him and called police. Patterson along with four other suspects was quickly arrested and taken to the Sixth Precinct courthouse.

After following the GPS directions to the courthouse, the victim informed police that his phone was located somewhere in the building. Police escorted the man around while he dialed his phone. The ringing was heard coming from Patterson's cell.

When authorities confronted Patterson about the phone, he admitted he had taken it and hidden it up his butt when arrested but failed to put the phone on mute.  The phone was identified by an x-ray of Patterson's rectum.  He was charged with possession of stolen property for both the keistered phone and the clothing heist.

It was not clear if the victim wanted the phone returned after its retrieval from Patterson's rectum.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dancing Drug Dealer's Footwork Curtailed By Arrest

Feds: Cartel-linked man arrested on NM dance floor

Apr 26 2013 

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Federal officials say a suspected drug trafficker affiliated with the deadly Sinaloa Cartel couldn't dance his troubles away.

Omar Cota was taken into custody early Friday off a dance floor at Route 66 Casino's Club Envy in New Mexico. Officials say federal agents and police in Laguna arrested the 28-year-old after receiving a tip that he liked to go to the casino.  No information was available about his dance partner.

The U.S. Marshals Service says Cota had an outstanding federal arrest warrant for drug trafficking and had eluded federal agents since February 2012.

Authorities say agents found a large amount of cash and suspected drugs with Cota, who is believed to be a member of the Brew Town gang.

Costly Oversight For Half A Century

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. (AP) — A rare century-old U.S. nickel that was once mistakenly declared a fake and forgotten about for decades has sold at auction for more than $3.1 million.
The 1913 Liberty Head nickel is one of only five known to exist. But it's all the more prized because of its unusual back story: It was surreptitiously and illegally cast, discovered in a car wreck that killed its owner, declared a fake, forgotten in a closet for decades and then declared the real deal.
It was offered up for sale Thursday by four Virginia siblings at a rare coin and currency auction in the Chicago suburb of Schaumburg where it sold for well over the expected $2.5 million, netting the siblings a cool 3/4 million dollars each.

The winning bidders were two men from Lexington, Ky., and Panama City, Fla., who bought the coin in partnership, according to Heritage Auctions.
"Not only is it just one of only five known, genuine 1913-dated Liberty Head design nickels, this particular one was off the radar for decades until it literally came out of the closet after a nationwide search," said Heritage Auctions Vice President Todd Imhof.

The coin was struck at the Philadelphia mint in late 1912, the final year of its issue, but with the year 1913 cast on its face — the same year the beloved Buffalo Head nickel was introduced.
A mint worker named Samuel W. Brown is suspected of producing the coin and altering the die to add the bogus date, according to Douglas Mudd, curator of the American Numismatic Association Money Museum in Colorado Springs, Col., which has held the coin for most of the past 10 years.
The coins' existence wasn't known until Brown offered them for sale at the American Numismatic Association Convention in Chicago in 1920, beyond the statute of limitations. The five remained together as a set under various owners until 1942.

A North Carolina collector, George O. Walton, purchased one of the coins in the mid-1940s for a reported $3,750. The coin was with him when he was killed in a car crash on March 9, 1962, and it was found among hundreds of coins scattered at the crash site.

One of Walton's heirs, his sister, Melva Givens of Salem, Va., was given the 1913 Liberty nickel after experts declared the coin a fake because of suspicions the date had been altered. The flaw probably happened because of Brown's imprecise work casting the planchet — the copper and nickel blank disc used to create the coin.

"She kept the nickel in a box with family items in the closet, and it stayed there for four decades," said Givens' son, Ryan Givens of Salem.

After his mother's death, the siblings brought the coin to the 2003 American Numismatic Association World's Fair of Money in Baltimore, where the four surviving 1913 Liberty nickels were being exhibited. A team of rare coin experts concluded it was the long-missing fifth coin. Each shared a small imperfection under the date.

Since its authentication, the Walton nickel has been on loan to the Colorado Springs museum and has been publicly exhibited nationwide.
"This is one of the greatest coins at that price range," said one of the successful bidders, Jeff Garrett of Lexington, Ky.

Dumb Policing Practice in Indonesia

Indonesian militant serving 19 years escapes

Apr 26 2013 

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — A militant serving a 19-year prison sentence for beheading three Christian schoolgirls has escaped while visiting his sick wife and is still at large, Indonesian police said Friday.

National Police spokesman Brig. Gen. Boy Rafli Amar said Basri, 36, fled from his house in the Central Sulawesi town of Poso last week when a guard who escorted him from jail to the home left him unguarded for several hours.

Basri, who like many Indonesians uses a single name, was sentenced to 19 years in jail in 2007 for the beheadings and a series of attacks that terrorized Poso, where a Muslim-Christian conflict killed at least 1,000 people from 1998 to 2002.

"When the guard came to take him back to the prison, he found that Basri was no longer at his house," Amar said. "He is still at large."

Police are searching for Basri, whom Amar described as a "dangerous militant," and are investigating why he was escorted by only one guard.
"We call on people who know his whereabouts to report to authorities immediately," Amar said.
Basri, who was arrested along with five other militants in February 2007, admitted to beheading one of the three girls in late 2005 as they walked to school along a quiet jungle path overlooking Poso.
In an interview with The Associated Press days after their arrests, Basri said he and the other militants learned weapons handling and bomb making from members of the al-Qaida-linked Southeast Asian terror network Jemaah Islamiyah.

Footage of the 2007 counterterrorism operation that led to their arrest was posted on YouTube and Muslim websites, sparking outrage among Islamic groups.
The video shows uniformed officers from Indonesia's elite anti-terrorism unit yelling and shooting rounds to scare the shirtless, bound suspects, who were lying face down on the ground. One man wearing only underwear and shown with a bloody hole in his back, presumably from a gunshot wound, was identified as Wiwin Kalahe, another beheading convict.

Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation, has won praise for arresting and convicting terrorists since the 2002 Bali bombings that killed 202 people, mostly foreign tourists.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Floridian Helps State Retain Unofficial Title of Most Bizarre

April 26, 2013, Gainesville, Fla.

A 31-year-old Gainesville resident, who has been in and out of mug shots for charges ranging from grand theft to drug possession to disorderly conduct, recently had a hankering for some dinner squirrel, so he tried to hunt one down with a BB gun.

To improve his chances of taking the squirrel out cleanly, he decided to tape a bullet to the end of his Pumpmaster 760.  Don't ask why he so decided.

Not surprisingly, his home grown improvisation backfired. Literally:
He fired the BB gun, causing the BB to strike the cartridge's primer. The cartridge discharged and fragmented, striking him in the upper arm and lower leg.
He was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.
He was subsequently charged with discharging a firearm in public and possession of ammunition by a convicted felon.

He later told police he found the cartridge while looking for scrap metal to sell.

Diamond To Require Extensive Cleaning

80 year-old woman swallows one carat diamond at Fla. charity event

Apr 26 2013

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — The idea behind the Tampa Women's Club charity event was simple. For $20, you could buy a flute of champagne and a chance to win a one-carat, $5,000 diamond.
Organizers of the Saturday event placed $10 cubic zirconia stones in the bottom of 399 of the 400 champagne glasses. The prized diamond, donated by Continental Wholesale Diamonds, was placed in the last glass.

The problem? Eighty-year-old Miriam Tucker accidentally swallowed it.

Tucker told local news media that she didn't want to put her finger in the champagne, so she drank a bit. While laughing with women at the table, she realized she swallowed it.
Embarrassed, she had to tell jewelers who were frantically searching for the winner.
Already scheduled for a colonoscopy on Monday, she had a doctor recover the jewel.

Diamond experts speculated whether the recent provenance of the jewel would affect its value.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Swimming Lessons Pay Off For Siblings

Siblings swim 14 hours to survive boat sinking

Apr 25 2013 
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — A brother and sister from the U.S. are recovering in the eastern Caribbean island of St. Lucia after their boat sank during a fishing trip, forcing them to swim almost 14 hours to reach land.
Dan Suski, of San Francisco, and Kate Suski, of Seattle, told The Associated Press Thursday that they thought they would die and never reach shore.
The Suskis said the craft experienced an electrical problem on April 21st and began to take on water, leading them, the captain and the first mate to abandon the sinking boat almost 12 miles (19 kilometers) off St. Lucia's west coast. The two crew members also survived.

The Suskis finally reached land and slept the night curled up together with underbrush to keep warm.  They started walking the following morning and came upon a young farmer, who contacted the police in their behalf.
A photo of the sinking ship was not available, it currently resting at the bottom of the ocean.  However,  the sinking tall ship, HMS Bounty, is depicted in the photo.  It sank during Hurricane Sandy with everyone but the captain surviving.
The Suskis, pictured below, said they are recovering after being hospitalized with severe dehydration and tendinitis. They plan to fly back to Miami on Saturday to meet with their father.

    This Will Make Your Head Spin

    April 25, 2013

    Human powered ferris wheels are used in India and other Asian countries because of the unreliability of electricity. Acrobatic dare devils, such as the young man depicted in the photo, are hired to keep the big wheel spinning.  The cheaply constructed wheels are kept in motion by the fearless wallahs who dangle from opposite sides of the wheel.

    College Crew Team Gets Big Head

    NY college crew team finds giant floating 'head'

    Apr 25 2013 
    POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. (AP) — Anyone lose a giant head made of Styrofoam and fiberglass?
    That's what officials at an upstate New York college are asking after the men's crew team found the unusual object floating in the Hudson River.
    Officials at Marist College in Poughkeepsie say the team was practicing earlier this week when the coach spotted a large object floating near the river's west bank. He hooked a rope to it and towed it to the team's dock on the east bank.
    The object turned out to be a 7-foot-tall replica of a man's head made with Styrofoam and fiberglass. The head has the appearance of a Greek or Roman-style statue.
    College officials believe it's a theater prop, but so far no one has come forward to claim the giant head.

    Wednesday, April 24, 2013

    Egg In/On Face

    Christie's scientific specialist James Hyslop poses for photographs with a sub-fossilized pre-17th century Elephant Bird egg at the auction house's premises in London.

    The massive partly fossilized egg laid by a now-extinct elephant bird sold for more than double its estimate at a London auction. Christie's auction house said Wednesday, April 24, 2013, the foot long, nearly nine-inches in diameter egg fetched 66,675 pounds ($101,813). It had been valued at 20,000 to 30,000 pounds pre-sale, and was sold to an anonymous buyer over the telephone after about ten minutes of competitive bidding. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham, File)

    Tuesday, April 23, 2013

    "Off With His Head" Cried Henry VIII

    Man charged over severed head found in his car trunk
    Authorities found a Minnesota man's severed head in the trunk of a car and other body parts in the basement of a Milwaukee home, according to a criminal complaint charging a central Wisconsin man with first-degree intentional homicide.
    A judge ordered Kou Thao, 26, held on a $1 million cash bond during an initial appearance Monday. The Wausau man is scheduled for a preliminary hearing May 1.
    The investigation began April17 when police were called to a Wausau home. The suspect's brother-in-law, Yeh Lor, told officers Thao came to the house with Tong Pao Hang, a 58-year-old man from St. Paul, Minn. Hang was the boyfriend of Lor's aunt.
    Lor told detectives he was smoking outside while Thao and Hang went into the basement to drink. He said he heard what sounded like a single gunshot come from the basement. When he went downstairs to investigate, he saw the victim lying on the ground in a pool of blood.
    The two men wrapped the body in a tarp and loaded it into a car, Lor told investigators. Lor told authorities he helped Thao with the body because he thought Thao might have a gun. (Might have a gun.  He had just shot Hang!)
    Officers found Thao on Thursday at a Milwaukee home. When police knocked on the door of the home Thao ran out the back door but was quickly caught and arrested, the criminal complaint said.
    Wausau police assisted with executing a search warrant on the car and home. They found a bucket in the trunk containing Hang's severed head, with a gunshot wound between the eyes.
    Thao later told detectives he had dismembered the body and hid some of the pieces in the basement, along with a knife and the tarp, the complaint said.
    Investigators showed him a picture of the basement and he pointed out cushions under which the body parts were hidden, prosecutors said. Detectives later found the body parts. (If they waited a couple of days more everyone in Milwaukee could have smelled the body parts!)
    Online court records didn't list a defense attorney for Thao on Tuesday. A message left with the public defender's office wasn't immediately returned.
    Thao is charged with first-degree intentional homicide, hiding a corpse and being a felon in possession of a firearm. A conviction on the homicide charge carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison, although a judge could choose to leave open the possibility for parole.
    The other two charges carry a maximum combined penalty of 10 years in prison and a $50,000 fine. They also carry enhanced possible penalty of four additional years as a repeat offender, because Thao was previously convicted of three other charges during the past five years. Those offenses were possession of methamphetamine, battery and two separate charges of retail theft.
    A message left with Marathon County prosecutors asking about a possible motive was not immediately returned.

    Seeking Redemption, and Money Too

    Mass. woman in sex tape with Buddhist monk

    Apr 23 2013 

    LOWELL, Mass. (AP) — A Massachusetts woman has filed a lawsuit against five people she alleges illegally distributed a video of her having a sexual encounter with a Buddhist monk.

    Men was helping to lead an effort to raise $10 million for a new temple in Lowell. The sexual encounter took place at a temple in Chelmsford.  The Buddhist temple in the photo is in Japan.

    Maya Men said in her lawsuit filed in Middlesex Superior Court last week that the defendants — at least one of whom is a monk — violated her right to privacy and her constitutional rights. She also says their actions intentionally inflicted emotional distress.

    According to the lawsuit, Men "has been held up to her relevant community as an individual who should be shunned and scorned, called a thief, and referred to by a plethora of pejorative terms," The Sun of Lowell (http://bit.ly/17NhkJB ) reported.

    Men is seeking damages and money for an investigation to locate and confiscate all copies of the video. She also is seeking a temporary restraining order against the defendants and a preliminary injunction barring further distribution or display of the recording.

    An anonymous individual not connected with the case said the video might be available on YouTube.

    Monday, April 22, 2013

    Oops! Sorry, you were here first.

    Kan. woman meets tiger in bathroom

    Published - Apr 22 2013

    SALINA, Kan. (AP) — A central Kansas woman likely won't remember her first circus for the clowns or performances — it'll be the tiger in the bathroom.
    The big cat had escaped briefly after its turn in the ring Saturday at the Isis Shrine Circus in Salina. Staff members blocked off the concourses at the Bicentennial Center as the tiger wandered into the bathroom, where one of the doors was blockaded.
    About that time, Salina resident Jenna Krehbiel decided she needed to use the restroom. When she walked in the door that hadn't been blocked off, she found a tiger standing about 2 feet away, The Salina Journal reported (http://bit.ly/11eq218 ).
    "You don't expect to go in a bathroom door, have it shut behind you and see a tiger walking toward you," Krehbiel said.
    Chris Bird, manager at the Bicentennial Center, said the bathroom was only 25 feet long.
    "Once she saw the tiger, I'm sure she knew to go the other way," Bird said. "Overall, it was a scary, surreal moment. I am glad no one was hurt or injured."
    The tiger was captured within minutes and returned to its enclosure.
    Krehbiel, a social worker, said she didn't scream or run because she is trained to stay calm.
    "Looking back, it was a scary ordeal," she said. "At the time, I was thinking I just needed to get out."
    Krehbiel said her 3-year-old daughter had a different reaction.
    "My daughter wanted to know if it had washed its hands," Krehbiel said. "That was her only concern. I think that shows the thoughts of children and that they wouldn't have known there was danger."

    True Love

    Mont. man reunited with bird lost in divorce

    Apr 22 2013 

    BUTTE, Mont. (AP) — A Great Falls man who lost his macaw in a divorce more than five years ago has been reunited with the bird, thanks to an observant friend.
    Mike Taylor picked up the 25-year-old bird he calls "Love Love" at Montana's Parrot & Exotic Bird Sanctuary in Butte on Sunday.
    Taylor said his wife sold the bird after a nasty divorce. "I've been kind of looking for him the whole time," he said.
    A friend of Taylor's, Steven Campbell, recently spotted the bird during a visit to the sanctuary.
    It took some time for Campbell to convince Taylor. Then Taylor had to convince sanctuary founder Lori McAlexander. But she said he knew things about the bird that only a previous owner could have known, like it was blind in one eye, said "love love" and liked to play peek-a-boo.
    The bird was surrendered to the sanctuary a couple of years ago after it bit a woman so hard she required medical attention, McAlexander said.
    "I don't even handle him because he will bite me," she said.
    Love Love appeared to recognize Taylor right away.
    "Hangs upside down already, lets
    me grab his beak, does his peeky-boo, likes to tuck his head," said Taylor, who called the reunion "very heart touching."
    "He's himself again already, he really is. I mean, he (didn't) forget."
    Taylor also got the bird's original cage back after searching on Craigslist. A woman who obtained the contents of his ex-wife's storage unit agreed to give him the cage back at no charge.
    "It's kind of weird how he's getting his bird and the cage," McAlexander said.
    Taylor said he initially got the bird at a sanctuary in Salt Lake City after it was rescued from a woman who reportedly beat it with a broom.
    Macaws can live up to 50 years, according to the San Diego Zoo.

    Dangerous Travel Companions

    Vietnam police seize 53 king cobras from car

    Apr 22 2013 

    HANOI, Vietnam (AP) — Vietnamese police say they have seized 53 king cobras from a car in Hanoi and arrested the driver.
    Officer Dang Van Hanh said Monday the live snakes were taken to a wildlife rescue center near the capital where they were
    treated before being released into the wild.
    King cobras are the world's longest venomous snake, and grow up to 5.5 meters (18) feet.
    The meat of the king cobras is considered a delicacy by some in Vietnam, where hunting and trading the snakes is banned. The snakes are also sometimes preserved in traditional medicines.
    The snakes, which were kept in green sacks, were seized Friday.
    Hanh said the car driver told officers he was paid to transport them. Local media reported he was paid under $50.
    King Cobras rarely attack humans but their venom is sufficiently lethal to bring down an elephant.

    Sunday, April 21, 2013

    Hermit Flush On Arrest

    Maine hermit carried bacon, syrup, $395

    Published 4/21/2013

    AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — A state police affidavit says a Maine man who lived in the woods as a hermit for nearly three decades was carrying bacon, marshmallows and $395 in cash when he was arrested on burglary charges.
    An affidavit obtained by the Kennebec Journal (http://bit.ly/13oW4cH ) lists the items 47-year-old Christopher Knight possessed when he was arrested this month on charges he stole food from a camp for children with special needs.
    The items also include keys, pliers, electrical tape, a watch, a baseball hat, coffee, hamburger patties, chicken nuggets, cheese, corn syrup and potato chips.
    Since his arrest, Knight has attracted a telephoned marriage proposal and a stranger's offer to bail him out. Knight rejected the bail offer and remains jailed.
    Police say he may have been responsible for 1,000 burglaries overall.

    Thursday, April 18, 2013

    Snakes Hope to Escape Colo. Dungeon

    Exotic snakes stuck in Colo. basement after fire

    Apr 18 2013 

    BRIGHTON, Colo. (AP) — Dozens of snakes are in good condition after a home in the Denver suburb of Brighton caught fire. The trick now is to get them out of the basement.

    Two adults and five children also got out safely after the fire broke out early Thursday. The home is a total loss.

    Brighton Fire Chief Mike Schuppe says firefighters are working with the homeowner to get the hundreds of exotic snakes out of the debris and into a new home.

    Several of the snakes are quite large and may need to be transported in large trucks.

    According to KMGH-TV (http://tinyurl.com/cw3dhek ), the cause of the fire has not yet been determined.

    Horror Story in California

    Calif. man describes night wife cut off his penis

    Apr 18 2013 

    SANTA ANA, California (AP) — The estranged husband of a woman charged with severing his penis said it was as though his life ended the evening of the attack.
    "She murdered me that night," the man said Wednesday on the first day of the trial of Catherine Kieu, 50.
    Orange County Deputy District Attorney John Christl said in his opening statement that Kieu, angry because her husband was dating a former girlfriend, laced his food with sleeping pills on July 11, 2011, then tied him to a bed, severed his penis and put it in the garbage disposal.

    "I will never have a sex life again," said the husband, who had surgery that allows him to urinate. The penis could not be reattached because it was ground up into hamburger by the garbage disposal and washed into the Santa Ana sewer system.  "My mental state is improving, but it may never be what it was before," he said.

    The man is going only by his first name in court and is not being named because of the sexual nature of the attack.
    The husband said he remembered waking tied to the bed. "All of a sudden I felt a very sharp pain," he said.  When he looked down at the source of the pain he saw blood spurting from where his penis used to be.

    In his opening statement, Deputy Public Defender Frank Bittar told jurors that Kieu's traumatic childhood in war-torn Vietnam caused mental illness that should prevent her from conviction on the charges of aggravated mayhem and torture.

    Bittar said Kieu met the victim at a gym, and after they married he subjected her to sexual and verbal abuse, and filed for divorce while they continued to live together in his Garden Grove home.
    Prosecutors played audio in court that was captured by a voice-activated recorder Kieu had hidden in the bedroom, according to Christl. She is heard yelling "you deserve it" three times before the attack on the recording.

    Wednesday, April 17, 2013

    A Big Bunch of Butt

    DALLAS, TX – Dionne Washington claims to have the biggest butt in the world.
    Dionne Washington can’t imagine anything worse than dieting. Her massive bottom is 5ft 3ins across and weighs a whopping 120 pounds – about the same as Lindsay Lohan holding twenty pounds of coke.
    Dionne loves her butt.
    “I am literally sitting on a fortune,” says Dionne, 35. “My butt must be the widest in the world and it already earns me over $180,000 a year. I used to hate it, but now it’s my fave feature.”
    She’s sitting on a goldmine.
    She knows how much her bottom weighs because four men lifted her up and flopped it down on a set of industrial scales while holding up the rest of her.  At its widest point, it’s 14ft 9ins around, and she’s on a mission to make it even bigger.
    Dionne’s total weight is 425 lbs and at 5ft 4ins tall her Body Mass Index is 85. That’s four times more than an average woman and it puts her at risk of high cholesterol, diabetes and heart problems.
    “I’m not concerned,” she insists. “I love my body and wouldn’t change a thing.”
    However, Amanda Thornton of Atlanta has something to say about Dionne’s claim for biggest butt.  Thornton says width is not the criterion for a big butt.  She claims Dionne's butt is really just wide hips. She claims that cheek for cheek she has the largest posterior.
    Amanda Thornton
    And Kim Kardashian – well, she’s not even in the running.
    Dionne says nearly everything she eats goes to her bottom and to maintain its huge size she consumes a shocking 9,000 calories a day – more than four times the recommended intake for women.
    “The more I eat the bigger this beauty gets,” says Dionne.
    She hasn’t always been so proud of her butt, though. Growing up in Texas, she says it was the bane of her life. A skinny child, her weight ballooned when she hit puberty.
    “Suddenly I went from size 12 jeans to a size 18, then 20 then 22, while on top I remained a size 14. Kids at school can be so cruel, calling me Big Butt Bertha, Butt Head and Bottom Feeder. I’d sit at the back of class and wait until everyone else left the room because my butt often got stuck in the chair.
    “I could barely run, so PE was a nightmare. I’d get my mother to write notes saying I had cramps or sore knees. I tried wearing Spanx to contain my bottom but they didn’t work. I went to the prom by myself and left school feeling depressed, lacking confidence and hating my body,” she recalls.
    Dionne tried endless diets, including drinking just diet shakes, the cabbage soup diet and ­Weight­Watchers. But nothing worked.
    “My mother Carol took me to see the doctor and he said I needed to diet and exercise more. Mom told me some of my cousins had big bottoms and perhaps it was genetic. All I ­did was hide under big dresses and comfort-eat.”
    Studying business administration at a local college, Dionne was miserable. “I kept my head down and tried to make myself invisible but that was hard. I was still a virgin and felt I’d never find someone who liked me for being me,” she says.
    But at 19 one of the guys from class asked her out.
    “It was the first time anyone had shown real interest. The date was lovely and we ended up having sex. Then I discovered later he’d done it for a bet with the other guys in my class. I was devastated and lost even more confidence.”
    Dionne started work at a law firm. “It was hard as my behind was getting wider as was my appetite. I couldn’t fit into the office chairs. I hated it.
    “Then a doctor told me I could diet but the weight probably wouldn’t shift. I could have liposuction but it would take multiple surgeries then I’d need more to fix the hanging skin. It would cost more than $50,000.”
    Earning just $28,000 a year, Dionne was devastated. “I tried to get new jobs but the prettier, smaller girls always beat me even though I was more qualified. ­I knew it was because of my size,” she says.
    Then her second boyfriend, who she met in 2008, made her realize she should love her bottom. After the second date he admitted he was attracted to very large women.
    “He was throwing all these phrases at me I didn’t understand. He explained he was a ‘fat admirer’ and loved large women and said that in his books I was a BBW – a Big, Beautiful Woman,” she says.
    “That night he showed me forums on the internet dedicated to big girls. Some weighed up to 400 pounds. There were super-sized girls in lingerie proudly flashing their flab. Suddenly my world changed. I’d discovered a place where women like me were not only accepted, but adored.”
    She made friends with other big girls who were sure her wide bottom would be a hit. So in February 2008, she decided to take the plunge and post some pictures online.
    “I weighed 300 pounds and was sick of my boring life. I’d just come out of another failed relationship so I decided to take control,” she says.
    “I had a girlfriend take some pictures of me and posted them on a forum. Within 48 hours I was inundated with emails from fans around the world wanting to know if they could buy my pictures.”
    Dionne admits she was scared and thrilled at the same time.
    “But I decided to go for it. I started selling pictures and videos of me and my butt online. I offered special membership rates of up to $40 a month and would send people two picture sets of up to 30 images. For extra they’d get a video and I charged even more for instant message chats.”

    Dionne has built up her empire and now has more than 15,000 fans. Her bottom has paid for an apartment, a big car (with extra-large seats), holidays, designer clothes and gifts for her friends.
    However, having the world’s widest butt doesn’t come without its problems.
    She can’t sit on normal chairs or stools – ­she takes up a ­two-seater sofa – so she does a lot of her computer work in bed. She has a supersized stool, but even with that her bottom sticks out 8ins at the back and 9ins each side.
    Dionne also requires ­extra-wide changing rooms in shops.
    “Sometimes I can’t try on clothes as I literally can’t fit,” she says. “I need toilets with seats for big people and I get stuck in bath tubs. I get a lot of clothes made to order in size 36-40, especially my pants,” she says.
    “I hate shopping in supermarket aisles that have cans and displays sticking out as I end up knocking them over. At restaurants I have to sit in a booth for three people and push the table to the other side. I don’t use buses – I have to turn sideways just to get through the door.”
    She has a serious fear of getting stuck in the toilet on a train ­or plane.
    “One time I got stuck and the flight attendant had to pull me out. I laugh now but ­it makes you ­realize the seats ­need to ­be bigger for us ­large girls.”
    Dionne’s parents are both dead but she has an aunt who thinks she is nuts. On the other hand, her friends are very supportive. “They tell me I’m amazing and a real inspiration,” she says.
    Dionne admits she suffers from back pain but claims it’s minimal because the heavier she gets, her body will change to handle the ­extra pounds.
    “I am a Jimmy Choo fan but I can’t wear heels. My doctor said my butt wouldn’t allow me to balance properly and sometimes after a long day I lose a little sensation in ­my feet,” she says.
    She gets endless marriage proposals from fans but turns them all down.
    “I have joined a few dating sites and hope to find a guy who likes me for my brains who I can marry and have kids with.
    “I’ve had some eggs frozen in case I meet Mr Perfect later in life so I can still have a baby.”
    Dionne doesn’t want to take on Susanne Eman or Donna Simpson for fattest of the world title.  She’s happy with the biggest butt.  Besides, nobody is going to beat Donna Simpson’s stomach:

    You can read about Donna… HERE.

    For now, the woman with the world’s widest butt, has no plans to stop modelling or change her lifestyle. “I earn tens of thousands, I have thousands of fans ­and those kids at college who ­teased me are all in dead-end jobs.
    She says: “I never ask people if my butt looks big in this. I ask them if it’s big enough… the bigger the better.  And now, for the biggest butt of all: DIONNE WASHINGTON.

    A Little Local Stupidity in Pennsylvania

    Cops: Men toss dead groundhog into Pa. bar

    Apr 17 2013 
    BROOKVILLE, Pa. (AP) — Police in one western Pennsylvania town are investigating a case of bar kill: a dead groundhog tossed into a tavern by unsatisfied customers.
    The (Dubois) Courier-Express reports that the animal was tossed into Bill's Bar on Sunday in Brookville, about 70 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.
    Brookville police Chief Ken Dworek tells The Associated Press that the suspect is an underage man who was refused service at the bar or another who was turned away because of "an alcohol problem."
    The chief says such use of animals is a fairly common problem in Brookville. He says, for example, "a guy will get in an argument and put a dead squirrel on his girlfriend's doorknob, that kind of thing."
    A psychological evaluation of everyone in Brookville should be ordered by the Pennsylvania Health Dept.   

    Not A Crook - Just Dumb

    Bad Idea

     Apr 17 2013 

    JAMESTOWN, N.Y. (AP) — It turns out coasting an SUV with no brakes downhill to a scrap yard isn't a good idea after all.
    Police say a 28-year-old man found that out Tuesday evening when he attempted to drive an SUV to a scrap yard in Jamestown, 60 miles south of Buffalo.
    Officers tell The Post-Journal of Jamestown (http://bit.ly/12m2F8K ) that the man told them he had disconnected the battery before coasting down a hill to get to a nearby scrap yard. Police say he also told them the 1995 Chevrolet Tahoe had no brakes.
    Officials say he was unable to stop at an intersection and collided with another vehicle. He and the other driver suffered minor injuries.
    The man was charged with reckless endangerment, failure to stop at a stop sign and having inadequate brakes.

    Tuesday, April 16, 2013

    North Korean Leader Sexiest Man Alive?

    If you believe the dragon was once a real animal, then you, like The Peoples Daily, may also have been duped by the article published in The Onion declaring North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-Un, as “The Sexiest Man Alive in 2012”.

    Seemingly convinced by the spoof article, The Peoples Daily published a 55-page photo spread showcasing the leader riding horses and greeting army officers. The Chinese article even quoted The Onion as saying “this Pyongyang-born heart-throb is every woman’s dream come true”.

    You've got to be kidding!  The Peoples Daily spread was soon removed.

    Monday, April 15, 2013

    The Face of an Assassin?

    Investigation of ex-Texas J.P.

    Apr 15 2013 
    DANNY ROBBINS, Associated Press and the editorial staff of Bizarre Stuff
    This photo provided by the Kaufman County Sheriff's Office shows Eric Williams. Williams was admitted to the Kaufman County Jail, in Kaufman,...
    This photo provided by the Kaufman County Sheriff's Office shows Eric Williams. Williams was admitted to the Kaufman County Jail, in Kaufman, Texas, early Saturday, April 13, 2013, and charged with making a "terroristic threat." Federal and local authorities searched Williams' home Friday as part of an investigation into the deaths of District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife, Cynthia. (AP Photo/Kaufman County Sheriff's Office)
    KAUFMAN, Texas (AP) — A law enforcement official says Texas authorities investigating the killings of a district attorney and his wife are building a case against a former justice of the peace prosecuted last year for theft, apparently of food.
    The official said Monday investigators are focused on 46-year-old Eric Lyle Williams, who's jailed on a charge of making a terroristic threat. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because his superior would can him if he found out, and because of the ongoing investigation into the deaths of Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife.
    The official says at least 20 weapons found in Williams' storage locker are being tested by ballistics experts. The official also says a car similar to one seen in the McLellands' neighborhood on the day they died also was found at the locker.
    Williams had a super sized storage locker.
    Williams' attorney didn't immediately return a call.  He probably never will.

    She Thought It Was a Real Emergency

    Pa. woman cited for calling 911 seeking divorce

    Apr 15 2013 

    GIRARD, Pa. (AP) — Police have cited a 42-year-old Pennsylvania woman for disorderly conduct after she called 911 requesting a divorce and police assistance to make her husband leave.
    Troopers say the woman called just after 1 a.m. Saturday asking that officers be sent to her home in Girard Township in northwestern Pennsylvania.

    Police say they explained to the woman, whom they are not identifying, that a divorce is a civil matter and that they could not make her husband leave the residence because no crime had been committed.
    Instead, police have cited the woman for disorderly conduct and misusing the Erie County 911 system.

    Saturday, April 13, 2013

    Man Torched At Seven-Eleven

    Apr 13 2013 

    LONG BEACH, Calif. (AP) — A man who was set on fire while sitting in his SUV outside a convenience store remained hospitalized in critical condition on Saturday as investigators tried to determine what would have motivated a homeless man suspected in the attack, police said.  (See burning vehicle below.)
    The 63-year-old Long Beach man was badly burned on the upper torso in Friday evening. His name was not immediately released.
    The man was inside his Toyota SUV in front of a 7-Eleven shortly after 5 p.m. when a homeless man threw a flammable substance inside the car. The car's interior and the man went up in flames in seconds, police Sgt. Aaron Eaton said.
    The scene was terrifying, said Shannon Flynn, 16, of Long Beach.
    "He was engulfed in flames," she told the Long Beach Press-Telegram . "The fire was so big, people were screaming. I just can't believe this happened here."
    Robert Linkroum said he was buying a newspaper at the store when he looked up and saw a man "walking on a mission" toward the car and throwing what appeared to be a bottle inside.
    "The vehicle went up in flames immediately, just totally engulfed. It was all flames," he said. "It became so hot in 7-Eleven that I moved towards the back of the store because I thought the windows were going to blow."
    Eaton said bystanders helped the burning man by trying to pour water on him to douse the flames.
    Police arrested Raymond Sean Clark, 38, about a block away. Clark, who is homeless, was booked on suspicion of attempted murder and for two misdemeanor warrants for failing to appear on other charges. He remained jailed Saturday on more than $500,000 bail.
    Witnesses said Clark is a panhandler who asked people for change and cigarettes outside the store. 
    Eaton said the motive for the attack was unclear. There was no indication that the victim and attacker knew each other, he said.  But it would appear the panhandler was angry because the victim refused to give him cigarette money and his change. "These people are not harmless," said an expert on homelessness.  "They are angry at society in general. Many are wired on crack or some other substance and literally are out of their minds."

      Chief Gets High in Ohio - Daughter to Blame

       Police chief says he ate cake laced with pot

      Apr 12 2013 

      LAURELVILLE, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio police chief says he ate cake left in his kitchen without realizing it was laced with cannabis oil.
      Laurelville Chief Mike Berkemeier says he fell ill after eating the cake a couple of weeks ago and couldn't figure out what was wrong. He says he drove a few blocks to the police station, where medics took him for medical testing.

      The Logan Daily News reports Berkemeier was hospitalized for more than a day. While there, a phone call with his daughter revealed the cake had been laced with an oil form of the psychoactive chemical component that causes a high from marijuana.
      Berkemeier tells WBNS-TV one of his daughter's friends took the cake to his home, about 35 miles southeast of Columbus.
      There's no word of criminal charges.

      Friday, April 12, 2013

      Subpoena Necessary For Duck To Enter Courthouse

      Honolulu court screeners find pet duck in bag

      Apr 11 2013 
      HONOLULU (AP) — Security screeners at a Honolulu courthouse noticed something moving inside a defendant's bag as it passed through an X-ray machine earlier this week.
      After initially refusing to open it, the bag's owner reluctantly revealed that his pet was inside. When he opened the bag, screeners found a live duck and a bottle of beer, Department of Public Safetyspokeswoman Toni Schwartz said.
      Deputies told Michael Hubbard that his pet and beverage wouldn't be allowed inside Circuit Court, so he left. He returned a short while later and asked that deputies look after his belongings while he went inside for an appointment, Schwartz said, adding that visitors are allowed to leave their things outside at their own risk.
      Hubbard went to his appointment, while the duck waited outside. Hawaii News Now reports Hubbard has two felony assault cases pending. He couldn't be reached for comment Thursday.
      Schwartz said Hubbard didn't appear intoxicated. "Everything was peaceful," she said.
      "We recommend people not bring their pets to court," she said. "Believe it or not this is not an unusual occurrence. A lot of people try to bring their pets to court."
      But those pets are usually dogs.
      "A duck is unusual," she said. "I don't think we've come across that one before."

      Thursday, April 11, 2013

      Woman Sues Chicago Over $100K Parking Fine

      Chicago woman fighting $100,000 parking fine

      Apr 11 2013 

      CHICAGO (AP) — A Chicago woman is trying to get out of paying a parking fine that has snowballed to more than $100,000.

      WBBM Radio reports that (http://cbsloc.al/10PoNXv ) Jennifer Fitzgerald filed a lawsuit last year against the city over the $105,000 worth of tickets that police piled up on her car.

      The car was left for nearly three years in an O'Hare International Airport parking lot. WBBM says a judge dismissed the lawsuit Wednesday and pressed the parties to try to reach a settlement.
      Fitzgerald says she should not be held responsible because her ex-boyfriend abandoned the car in an employee parking lot at the airport. She says the car is worth only about $600. The suit also names her former boyfriend.

      Cannibalism A Growing Epidemic in U.S.?

      Warrant: Texas suspect interested in cannibalism

      Apr 11 2013 
      JUAN A. LOZANO, Associated Press
      Dylan Quick, 20, is seen in an undated photo provided by the Harris County, Texas, Sheriff's Office. The Harris County Sheriff's Office said in a...
      Dylan Quick, 20, is seen in an undated photo provided by the Harris County, Texas, Sheriff's Office. The Harris County Sheriff's Office said in a statement that Quick used a razor-type knife in a rampage Tuesday at the Lone Star College System's campus in Cypress, a Houston suburb, hurting more than a dozen people. Quick was charged Tuesday night, April 9, 2013 with three counts of aggravated assault. It wasn't immediately clear if additional charges would be filed, though he is scheduled to make his first court appearance Thursday. (AP Photo/Harris County Sheriff's Office)

      HOUSTON (AP) — A man accused of stabbing more than a dozen people at a Houston-area college told investigators that he had fantasized about cannibalism and necrophilia and about cutting off people's faces and wearing them as masks, according to a court document made public on Thursday.
      Dylan Quick admitted to an investigator that about a week before the attack at Lone Star Community College in Cypress he had researched mass stabbings on his home computer, according to a search warrant affidavit.
      "He stated he had read numerous books about mass killings and serial killers which are also located at his residence," the affidavit said.
      Quick is being held without bond on three counts of aggravated assault for Tuesday's attack at Lone Star Community College that injured 14 people. Only one person remained hospitalized Thursday, and that person was listed in good condition.
      The affidavit listed nine items that were seized from Quick's home, including one listed as "Hanibal Lecter Mask." Hannibal Lecter is the cannibalistic serial killer from the film "The Silence of the Lambs."
      Also among the nine items seized were an animal dissection kit and several books including one called "Hit List" and another titled "Hitman." The affidavit does not say what the books are about.
      The affidavit said Quick told the investigator that in preparing for the campus attack, he had sharpened things, including a hairbrush and pencils, to use as weapons.
      Authorities have said Quick used only a razor utility knife to slash at his victims on two floors of the college's health science building.
      After a brief court hearing earlier Thursday, Jules Laird, Quick's attorney, said he was still looking into Quick's background but that he didn't think the 20-year-old had a history of mental illness or had taken any medication to treat such a condition.
      He said Quick was on suicide watch and will stay in jail as he undergoes a psychological evaluation.

      Say It Isn't So, Charlie Brown!

      Voice actor for Charlie Brown arrested in Calif.

      Apr 10 2013 1
      SAN DIEGO (AP) — The man who was the voice of Charlie Brown in the first "Peanuts" television specials has pleaded guilty to threatening and stalking both his ex-girlfriend and a plastic surgeon who gave her a breast enhancement he paid for.
      City News Service says 56-year-old Peter Robbins entered the plea Wednesday in a San Diego court and could get up to three years in prison at his sentencing next month.
      Prosecutors say Robbins called his former girlfriend dozens of times a day and told her he would kill her and her son if she did not give back his dog and car.
      They say he made similar threats and demanded a refund from the plastic surgeon.
      Robbins provided the voice of the title character in 1965's "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and 1966's "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."

      Home Depot Has Tool For Every Purpose

      Man slices own arms with saws at Home Depot

      Apr 11 2013 

      WEST COVINA, Calif. (AP) — A man deliberately cut himself with saws in the aisles of a Home Depot store in suburban Los Angeles on Wednesday, creating a gruesome scene that left him severely injured, in front of several customers police said.

      The man was in the store's tool section and went unnoticed until he began grabbing several small saws, including one meant to cut sheet rock, and started using them on his arms.

      "He cut both arms with hand saws down to the bone," said West Covina police Cpl. Rudy Lopez.
      Officers received several 911 calls and arrived to find the man lying unconscious in the aisle in a pool of blood.

      An off-duty paramedic from the Pasadena Fire Department had been shopping nearby and hurried to the scene.

      "The officers had already found the man down, face down, blood all over the store, multiple aisles, and the whole store in chaos," the paramedic, Art Hurtado, told KNBC-TV.
      Hurtado thought the man was dead but when he checked he found breath and a slight pulse and said he thought to himself, "I can save this guy."

      With help from police and store employees, Hurtado collected rope and rags from store shelves and put makeshift tourniquets on both arms, most likely saving the man's life, police said.
      "Were we in a good place for it? No, but you improvise," Hurtado said. "If I didn't have rope I'd have used my shoelaces. We would have made it work."

      The man was in surgery hours after the incident, said Lopez, who knew no more about his condition.
      The man, who looked to be in his 40s, was carrying no identification, has been unable to answer questions, and was not heard saying anything in the store, so police do not know his name or why he cut himself, Lopez said.

      Police interviewed about five people who said they saw what happened, and Lopez said there were likely many more who quickly left the disturbing scene." It was pretty graphic," he said.