Sunday, April 28, 2013

Inmate Hides iPhone in Rectum-Forgets To Mute It

April 28, 2013

When a man from New York had his phone stolen, he used an app to track down the suspect. The GPS led the victim to a local courthouse. Upon calling his phone, authorities could hear a muffled ringing coming from a prisoner.

Trent Patterson, 47, had been arrested for stealing clothing when a food vendor spotted him and called police. Patterson along with four other suspects was quickly arrested and taken to the Sixth Precinct courthouse.

After following the GPS directions to the courthouse, the victim informed police that his phone was located somewhere in the building. Police escorted the man around while he dialed his phone. The ringing was heard coming from Patterson's cell.

When authorities confronted Patterson about the phone, he admitted he had taken it and hidden it up his butt when arrested but failed to put the phone on mute.  The phone was identified by an x-ray of Patterson's rectum.  He was charged with possession of stolen property for both the keistered phone and the clothing heist.

It was not clear if the victim wanted the phone returned after its retrieval from Patterson's rectum.

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