Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dance Instructor Takes "Zumba" To New Level

Anywhere, April 3, 2013

The popular new dance exercise, Zumba, has been extended to include erotic exercise.  Alexis Wright, a 30 year-old dance instructor in the small, exclusive New England town of Kennebunk, recently accepted a pleas bargain with the District Attorney that provides for her to dance in a cell for 10 months, and to pay $57,000 in restitution plus court costs.

Reversing the usual order, Wright gave Zumba classes to the local women in night classes.  During the day she provided exotic sexual favors for a clientele that included a minister, a hockey coach, a teacher, and a lawyer.  She video taped these sessions for showing to her business partner and voyeur in another town, 100 miles away.

Wright provided her favors in the shuttered dance studio during the day, at her home, and at an office.
It was not made clear by authorities whether the names on Wright's client list would be released to the public.

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