Friday, April 5, 2013

Size 1,450 Slipper Sent to Man By Mistake

April 5, 2013

27yr old Tom Boddingham Decided to order some special monster- design slippers to fit his over-sized left foot. His right foot is a 13 and his left a 14 but clearly the manufacture misplaced their decimal point.

He originally requested a 14.5 but the manufactures in China misread the measurement and sent him a size 1,450 for his left foot and a regular 13 for his right. This slipper is big enough for the 6’7” man to sleep in.

The giant's slipper was sent from Hong Kong and measures 210x130x65cm. The online company apologized and did not charge Tom.  They said that is was simply “translation error”.

Tom now has only one slipper, for his right foot.  The intended left slipper can be used as a sleeping bag by the 6'7" Tom.

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