Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another Faked Boob Fallout?

June 27, 2011

Jennifer Lopez, the sexy singer and actress, most acclaimed for her booty and her predilection for gangster boyfriends, joined a long list of female entertainers to suffer a "wardrobe malfunction" that resulted in the exposure of one of her boobs. Ho hum.

Johnny Carson, the long running late night talk show host of Tonight, became well known in his time for the number of female entertainers who managed to 'lose a boob' while being interviewed on his show. No Hollywood prima dona now can afford not to have exposed one of her tits on national TV.

In the accompanying photo, J.Lo manages to lean forward sufficiently for her right boob to fall out of her loose topped dress. An accommodating censor hastily added a blue star to hide the offending nipple and aureola while still maximizing the public relations value of the exposure.

Dad Dumps 4 Year-Old Son in Cactus Bed - Drives Off

Police: Texas man chokes then dumps 4-year-old son by highway

Jun 29 2011

SWEETWATER, Texas — A scumbag dad abandoned his 4-year-old son along a West Texas highway, throwing him into a bed of cactus. The injured boy spent several hours alone in the dark before a passing motorist picked him up, police said.

Carlos Rico, 22, shown in the police photo, stopped his car along a cactus-lined stretch of Interstate 20 near Sweetwater at about 3 a.m. Tuesday and "threw the boy out of the car like a bag of garbage," Sweetwater police Chief Jim Kelley told the Abilene Reporter-News on Tuesday.

The boy was picked up about three hours later by the local high school basketball coach and taken to a hospital, where doctors removed at least 500 cactus spines from the child's body, Kelley said. The boy was in the state's custody on Wednesday.

"I've seen a lot of bad things. This is absolutely a first. I've never seen a 4-year-old angel left on the side of the road for dead. He's such a sweet little boy," he said.

Rico was driving from Lubbock to Saginaw when he abandoned his son, and he was taken into custody Tuesday by police in the Fort Worth suburb, Saginaw police spokesman Damon Ing told The Associated Press on Wednesday. Rico's cousin called police when Rico showed up to see him without his son, and investigators determined that Rico was the father of the boy found near Sweetwater, he said.

Rico told Saginaw investigators that God told him to choke the boy and expel him from the car, Kelley said. There was bruising on the boy's throat, he said.

Ing said Rico had been charged with child endangerment and did not have a lawyer representing him. His bond was set at $50,000. The charges have since been upped to attempted murder.

Al Hunt, the motorist who found the boy, said he initially thought he was looking at a guardrail post until it moved.

"It took me seconds to realize, `it's a little kid there,'" the 54-year-old coach said.

He said he pulled over and, not seeing a vehicle the child might have been in, ran across the road and scooped the boy into his arms. He said the boy's lips were cracked as if he were dehydrated, and that the only response the boy gave to his questions was when he held up four fingers when Hunt asked his age.

Several individuals have come forward offering to drag the father through a cactus field tied to the rear of their pick-up trucks by a rope. Bidding for the privilege was brisk with the current high bid at $10,000.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Naked Cowgirl

June 28, 2011
New York, NY

Taking her cue from Times Square's famous Naked Cowboy, a young lass from Oregon has struck a blow for gender equality as the Naked Cowgirl. The woman, who has her own website, has been in the naked business for several years, having stripped for a living on the West Coast, too. As an additional feature she has been photographed lip locking with tourists, for a fee.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Crack Seattle Cops Leave Rifle On Trunk of Patrol Car, Drive Around

Guns & Cops Don't Mix

June 28, 2011
Seattle, WA

This handout photo provided by Nick Gonzalez for editorial purposes only, shows a police rifle left unattended on a patrol car outside a busy downtown area in Seattle on Tuesday, June 28, 2011. A Seattle police spokesman says the department has launched an investigation into the incident. Rifles are assigned only to officers who have additional training and are usually kept in the trunk or between the driver and passenger seats.

Obviously, someone missed that lesson.

Monday, June 27, 2011

TSA Goons Run Amok - Strip 95 Year-Old Woman's Depends Adult Diaper For 'Suspicious Wetness'

TSA Pats Down Cancer-Stricken 95-Year-Old Woman, Removes Adult Diaper

June 20th 2011

TSA Gestapo officers at Florida's Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport patted down a cancer-stricken, 95-year-old woman and forcibly removed her adult diaper during the search.

Jean Weber was traveling with her ill mother on June 18 from Florida to Michigan to see relatives during the final stages of her mother's battle with leukemia when the incident occurred.

A Suspiciously "Wet and Firm" Diaper

While passing through security, TSA officials "felt something suspicious and they couldn't determine what it was," so they took Weber's mother to a private room.

A TSA agent told Weber that her mother's Depends underwear was "wet and firm and they couldn't check it thoroughly," so the mother-daughter duo left in search of a bathroom to remove the underwear. Weber did not have an extra pair of Depends with her.

Weber "burst into tears" but her mother was "very calm" even though she was forced to go through the airport without underwear. Her elderly mother was taken to the boarding gate without her as Weber was still going through security.

In response to the incident, the TSA Gestapo said on Sunday that "While every person and item must be screened before entering the secure boarding area, TSA works with passengers to resolve security alarms in a respectful and sensitive manner. We have reviewed the circumstances involving this screening and determined that our officers acted professionally and according to proper procedure."

The TSA will leave no turd unexamined in its mission to keep America safe.

Check Pulse Before Sealing Casket

Woman Awakens Then Dies At Her Own Funeral: Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov Dead At 49

6/24/11 Kazan, Russia

A woman reportedly died from the shock of coming to life at her own funeral.

Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov, 49, was wrongly declared dead by doctors, but she actually died after hearing people praying for her soul in Kazan, Russia, according to the Daily Mail.

She was taken back to a hospital where she was declared dead, this time for good.

"Her eyes fluttered and we immediately rushed her back to the hospital but she only lived for another 12 minutes," her husband, Fagili Mukhametzyanov, said, according to the Daily News.

Mukhametzyanov said he plans to sue the hospital, which says it is conducting an investigation of the incident.

Her final cause of death was heart failure, according to reports. Her "first death" was also heart-related, a suspected heart attack.

It was suggested by onlookers that her death was caused by her inability to learn how to spell her own last name.

This isn't the first time a funeral has taken an unexpected twist. In recent years, a man showed up alive for his own funeral in Brazil.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Self-Effacing Muslim Woman

June, 2011
Somewhere in Muslimabad

A self-effacing Muslim woman was photographed effacing herself, in typical Muslim fashion.

Sharia law permits Muslim women to show cleavage so long as their faces are covered, invisible, or non-existent.

The woman, who describes herself as a nude model for an underground Muslim porn tabloid that circulates among Mullahs and other Muslim religious leaders, also works in the Muslim porn industry when not modeling, to make ends meet.

Popularly known as the "Faceless One" in Arab porn circles, her facelessness has made her a well-known figure throughout the Middle East, the Far East, the Northeast and the Southwest, especially in Arizona and Southern Nevada.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stupid Comes in England, Too

Doncaster, England
June 17, 2011

A British man, Sean Murphy, 38, was annoyed by a wart on his middle finger. He decided to remove the offending growth himself. His scalpel of choice: a shotgun.

The man succeeded in removing the wart and most of his finger in the process.

To compound matters he was sentenced by a magistrate to 100 hours of community service in lieu of jail time, and court costs of $160, for the illegal possession of the shotgun, for which he had no license and which he claimed to have found in a hedge.

In a subsequent interview he expressed relief at not being sentenced to jail and said he was pleased to be rid of the wart, insisting it was worth the loss of his finger.

Since the incident he no longer is able to shoot anyone the bird.

He was not ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluation.

What, Me Worry?

June, 2011

An unconcerned Brazilian man calmly reads a newspaper as special tactics police, wielding high-powered automatic, rifles conduct a raid in a slum area. Life is cheap, even your own.

Road Runner Image Gallery - Road Runner

Felony Dumbness meets Felony Sleepiness

Suspected thief falls asleep at the wheel during getaway

Posted: Tuesday, June 21, 2011 5:09 pm | Updated: 9:10 pm, Wed Jun 22, 2011.

A suspected thief in Friendswood lost consciousness at the wrong time — in the middle of his apparent getaway attempt.

Just after midnight on Monday (June 20), a Friendswood Police Officer saw a truck in the ditch behind a business in the 2400 block of W. Parkwood. The engine was running.

Officers say 24-year-old Brandon Eric Arnold of Alvin was slumped over the steering wheel. After officers reached inside and turned off the engine, he awakened and became so aggressive, police handcuffed him. Inside the truck they found a baggie of marijuana and cocaine.

“Is it out of the ordinary? Yes, for sure. But not uncommon for us to go ahead and run across people who are incapacitated as a result of drug or alcohol use,” said Friendswood Police Chief Robert Wieners.

In the bed of the truck officers found an air conditioner safety switch with 6 feet of copper wire, a satellite dish, a gas grill and a ten gallon diesel tank.

At nearby businesses, officers found several safety switch boxes damaged, an air conditioner unit missing from Moreno's Restaurant and a diesel tank missing from a generator. “The copper theft is an ongoing problem here in the Houston area. The theft of air conditioning units and then stripping those units of copper or what’s inside--we believe that’s what he was doing--and going to take the items to salvage,” Wieners said.

Arnold is charged with felony Theft and Possession of a Controlled Substance in Penalty Group 1 (cocaine). His bond is set at $40,000.

Pee. Eew.

City flushes 8 million gallons after man taints its reservoir


— Call it the big flush.

Because a 21-year-old man was caught on a security camera urinating into a city reservoir, Oregon’s biggest city sent 8 million gallons of treated drinking water down the drain.

Portland officials defended the decision Monday, saying they didn’t want to send city residents water laced, however infinitesimally, with human urine.

Public health officials say, however, that urine is sterile in healthy people and that the urine in the reservoir was so diluted — perhaps a half pint
in millions of gallons — that it posed little risk.

Some people in the city, in the suburbs and around the world called the flush an overreaction, especially since animals such as ducks contribute waste routinely and, sometimes, die in the water.

David Shaff, administrator of the city water bureau, said the flushed water is worth $28,000. The Mount Hood watershed that supplies the city is brimming this spring, he said, with 8 million gallons flowing through it about every half hour.

“If I lived in Texas, I might have had a different response,” he said.

"Meow" Means "Mine"

Felonious feline carries out purrfect crimes


A prolific cat burglar has stolen hundreds of precious possessions from homes near San Francisco. But police are staying off the case — the burglar really is a cat.
Dusty, pictured above with part of his collection, is a 5-year-old feline from San Mateo who has has pilfered hundreds of items during his nearly nightly heists.

Jean Chu tells the San Francisco Chronicle that the feline has pilfered gloves, towels, shoes and more since she adopted him from the Humane Society. Dusty has a special love for swimsuits. Neighbor Kelly McLellan says he stole her bikini — on two separate trips.

She said he appeared focused on keeping the ensemble. Experts say Dusty’s
predatory instincts have gone astray, leaving him hunting for people’s stuff.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Man Hides Inside Portable Toilet Tank At Yoga Festival, For The View

Colorado Cops Arrest Man Who Hid Inside Toilet Tank At Yoga Festival

Wannabe New Age pornographer.

Colorado police have arrested the man who last week hid inside the tank of a portable toilet at a yoga festival in Boulder.

Luke Chrisco, 30, was nabbed yesterday and charged with unlawful sexual contact and criminal invasion of privacy.

According to cops, a woman attending the Hanuman Yoga Festival entered the portable toilet last Friday and “noticed movement in the tank when she lifted the lid.” After exiting the toilet, she sought help from another man who subsequently entered the toilet and “saw the suspect hiding inside the tank.”

The man then left and the suspect locked himself inside before fleeing 10 minutes later. Police described the toilet tank interloper, who was covered in feces, as a tall white male (between 6’ 4” and 6’ 8”) with a thin build. He also reportedly used the nickname “Sky.”

The 6’ 4”, 160-pound Chrisco (who has been known to use the handle “Skye Oryan”) was collared yesterday by Vail police following a traffic stop. An alert cop realized Chrisco matched the description of the Boulder toilet suspect. Chrisco is pictured above in a mug shot taken after a December 2008 arrest for panhandling and resisting police.

The man said he would have stayed in the toilet tank longer, for the views, but forgot to bring his lunch pail.

In a press release, Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner thanked the public for providing valuable tips to detectives. “We are grateful to the public for helping us resolve this disgusting case in an expeditious manner,” Beckner said.

Maya Beiser(s) and her cello(s) | Video on

Maya Beiser(s) and her cello(s) | Video on

Maya Beiser plays herself playing seven cellos at the same time using modern, transformative technology.

She's a gas.

Ethiopia - Sisterhood Is Bizarre

Mursi tribal women devise technique to avoid having to wash dinner plates and to serve food.

June, 2011
Ethiopia -

Ethiopian women of the Mursi tribe (right) have devised a method to keep their dinner plate continuously clean without having to wash dishes in a stream or river. They also have a built-in serving platter fixed to their heads to serve male tribal members while kneeling in front of them, the so-called head plate. Head, or serving plates, must be washed by dunking their heads in a stream or river or by standing beneath a waterfall.

It is not clear what function is performed by the ear plates; perhaps to enhance hearing or as an adornment. More research is needed on this topic.

The woman from the neighboring Hamar tribe accompanying the Mursi woman does not appear envious of her friend's automatic dishwasher. She has her own special hair do, known as the hanging bag look.

It also is not known if Mursi men or Mursi dentists approve of this distortion of the womens' lips. Again, more research is needed. A Hungarian researcher from North Texas is currently studying the phenomenon.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Free Speech Advocacy - Defending the First Amendment

Bicyclist joins free speech protest

In this undated photo a San Francisco man demonstrated his support for the 1st Amendment by participating in a free speech parade. Skinhead onlookers heckled the bicyclist with derisive comments about the size of his penis until the cyclist rode close to them and urinated on their legs. After that they quickly dispersed.

Scrotal Inflation

Bay area man inflates scrotum

Practicing the ancient eastern art of scrotal inflation a San Francisco man grossed out more than 10,000 people in a single day. When ordered by police to put his junk back in his pants the man pointed out that it no longer fit. Officers declined to assist him, preferring to allow him to continue to gross out bystanders.

Don't attempt to repeat this trick at home or at the beach. Without years of training it could result in a blown scrotum.

Why Don't We Do It In A Buggy? Amish Beatles Song

Amish man sexts 12 year-old girl to set up sexual tryst

This booking photo provided by the Connersville Police Department on June 22, 2011, shows Willard Yoder of Milroy, Ind. who has been charged with four counts of child solicitation. Police arrested the 26-year-old Amish man who they say showed up in a horse and buggy for what he thought was a meeting to have sex with a 12-year-old girl.

Another Case of Bad Step-Dad? Where Was Step-Dad Anyway?

Seven-year-old Mich. boy charged with driving car unlawfully

Jun 22 2011

(AP Photo/Huron County Sheriff Office)

In the photo Sheriff's Deputy Randall Britt cautiously approaches a car driven by a potentially dangerous 7-year-old boy Monday June 20, 2011 near Caseville, Mich. Huron County Sheriff Kelly Hanson said the prosecutor's office and child welfare officials were reviewing the matter.

The 7-year-old pajama-clad boy who drove the car for 20 miles, sometimes hitting speeds of 50 mph, was charged Wednesday with unlawful use of a vehicle.

Some public officials called for his prosecution as an adult. "He's driving a car, that's an adult activity," said a Republican prosecutor looking for an easy conviction.

"What is it in this child's life that's stressing him that he leaves in a vehicle? What we don't want is to let this happen again," Prosecutor Rutkowski said. "There's something going on in his life."

Duh!! The boy told authorities that he drove off in his stepfather's car Monday to see his father, who also lives in Huron County, 110 miles north of Detroit. That's what's going on in his life! The courts snatched him from his dad and gave him to his mom and her new boyfriend, aka step-dad.

The boy reached speeds of at least 50 mph before police caught up with him. He stopped the car on a rural road where the speed limit was 55. He did not exceed the speed limit at any time.

"He was crying and just kept saying he wanted to go to his dad's," Caseville Police Chief Jamie Learman said. "That was pretty much it. He just wanted to go to his dad's." That's what's wrong in his life.

The boy's mother had worked the night shift and was unaware her son and the car were gone. There were no indications of the whereabouts of the step-father.

The boy was eventually boxed in by police vehicles and stopped; then he was arrested. The boy did not resist arrest and was not armed at the time so no aggravated assault charges could be filed. Police had no choice but to surrender the young criminal to child welfare officials.

A by-stander, with no interest in the matter, opined that a little jail time would teach the kid a needed lesson. Kids in America have no civil rights.

New Mexico Cop Tweets About Pistol Whippings, Dead Muslims

N.M. cop threatens to pistol whip anyone saying "imma" instead of "I'm going to"

FRIDAY Jun 17, 2011

An Albuquerque psycho cop (probably one of those in the photo) who avoided disciplinary action for making comments about killing people on MySpace is now being investigated for sending tweets about pistol whippings and Muslims.

Detective Pete Dwyer is being reassigned to desk duty during an internal investigation, the Albuquerque Journal reported Friday. Some suggested Dwyer should be assigned to toilet cleaning duty.

Dwyer also had some choice comments about Muslims, suggesting they were better off dead, while a link to another of his posts displayed a Nazi flag emerging from a red, white and blue logo from Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

It is clear Dwyer is a lunatic and should be fired.

The Twitter postings were dated between May 20 and June 4, police said. Several other Albuquerque cops have made race baiting and other bizarre comments on social network sites.

"Obviously, we have some serious problems here," said the Albuquerque police chief in a colossal understatement.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Life In The Shipping Lane

ELLSWORTH, Maine — A rural couple in Maine live in two shipping containers they bought for $1500.

Trevor Seip is from Pennsylvania and Jennifer Sansosti is from New York City. They live on a 63 acre rural property in Maine in two modified shipping containers.

With 160 total square feet of living space, only 80 of which are plumbed and have electricity, the pair have a bed and table that fold up against a wall, a propane heater, a composting toilet, a sink and a camp stove. The other container sports a folding futon and serves as a closet.

They haven't invested in any landscaping.

The couple say they hope to build a conventional house.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's Another Floridian - This Time Managing To Destroy His Own Home

FORT WALTON BEACH, Fla. -- Officials say a Florida Panhandle man set his own home on fire while trying to clean an infection on his foot.

The Fire Department reported that the man told deputies he was sitting on his bed, using rubbing alcohol to clean his foot Wednesday morning.

He of course was smoking, as any Floridian worth his "nut case" label would do, when his lit cigarette came into contact with the flammable alcohol (duh) and set his sheets on fire. He removed the bedding and ran to get a fire extinguisher, but the flames grew out of control while he was gone. (He probably paused long enough to grab a beer from the fridge to accompany his cigarette.)

The man and several other people in the home at the time at least had enough sense to leave the home and call 911.

Investigators have accepted the man's story because he is a Florida resident, and ruled the fire accidental.

Officials didn't have any damage estimates, but did say the home was no longer livable.

Read more:

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Animal Lover Stops To Assist Snake In the Middle of the Road - Is Repaid By a Venemous Bite

TUCKERTON, N.J. -- A man is in stable condition after he was bitten by a timber rattlesnake in New Jersey's Pinelands.

Photo: Not the actual snake. A substitute snake.

The 24-year-old Ocean County resident, whose name has not been released, stopped on Route 679 in Tuckerton and tried to use a stick to move a rattle snake off the road so it would not be run over by a vehicle.

Environmental Protection Department spokesman Larry Ragonese told The Star-Ledger of Newark the snake squirmed free, wrapped itself around the man's arm and sank its fangs into his hand in gratitude.

The man drove three miles to seek help and was flown by helicopter to a hospital.

Timber rattlesnakes are the only venomous snakes in that part of the Pinelands.

Camel Named Clyde

June 18, 2011
Behemoth, Texas

More than a quarter of a century ago, a sultry singer named Maria Mulduar, recorded a song that rose high on the pop charts, where it remained for several months. The title of the song was Ahab the Arab. Ahab was an Arab sheik who seduced a young woman whose name was never revealed in the song but we do know she spent the night in the desert with Ahab in his tent. Ahab owned a camel named Clyde that he would ride out into the desert.

Clyde, who remained unknown to the public all these years was recently discovered in Saudi Arabia and is pictured here. Of course Clyde is much older now and his age shows. He no longer is the handsome mount of the dashing Sheik Ahab, and Ms. Muldaur, the singer, also has sunk into the distant memories of many who knew her in the late 1970s.

Dumbest U.S. Governor Adds to Stupidity Luster

World class stupid gubernatorial decision by Rick Perry

June 18, 2011

Perry is the one on the left.

Texas Governor Rich Perry, twice selected as the dumbest governor in America by the National Conference of Governors, members of his own family, and an obscure South Pacific tribe that lives on an unpopulated island, took a major step in burnishing his reputation for stupidity on June 17, by vetoing a sensible bill than would have banned Texas drivers from texting or sexting via cell phone while driving. The veto, the latest in a long string of stupid actions by the Governor since he inherited the governorship from George W. Bush, poised him to vie for the lowest rung on the Republican Party list of potential Presidential candidates, along with Sara Palin and the All Mighty Grand Poo Bah of the Ku Klux Klan.

Intelligent Texans, who are eager for Perry to leave the state, also are rightfully concerned that Perry, like George W. Bush, might actually be awarded the office of the Presidency by an even stupider U.S. Supreme Court than the one in 2000, that ushered in one of the most disastrous 8 year periods in American history. There is considerable fear the nation might not survive the Presidency of two former Texas governors. "They just don't grown them as dumb and mean anywhere else in the U.S.," according to former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stevens who wept when the Supreme Court gave the 2000 election to George (Dumber Than He Had to Be) Bush.

Sandra O'Connor, who was the swing vote illegally awarding the Presidency to GWB is said to have thrown up every morning after the decision for 8 years. Her application to patent this process as the Sandra O'Connor Diet Plan was denied by the U.S. Patent Office.

In his own defense Perry vowed to continue his policy of supporting only the "get rich quick and screw the U.S. working class" plans of powerful U.S. lobbyists for AT&T, EXXON, and Chuck E. Cheese. Perry has proposed to sub-contract the operation of the Texas State Government to Kuala Lampur for $17.95 annually plus costs, estimated at slightly more than one trillion dollars, to be paid for by abolishing the state teachers retirement fund. Perry was quoted as saying, "They all have Medicare; what more do they need?"

Eagle Grabs More Food Than It Can Fly With

A Fawn dangles from a power line in Montana

Missoula, Montana
June 17, 2011

A bald eagle natched a deer fawn from the ground and flew off towards its lair for a leisurely meal. Realizing it had stolen more food than it could fly with, the eagle dropped the small deer on a power line, barbecuing the fawn and causing a brief power outage in the area.

There was no indication whether the eagle had returned later for a fully cooked meal.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Mexican Women Place Faith in GPS - End Up Underwater

Women trust GPS, drive SUV into Mercer Slough

Seattle, June 16, 2011

Three women from Mexico, in town for a COSTCO convention drove into Mercer Slough in Bellevue whilst following the GPS directions from their Mercedes-Benz rental car.

The women, all in their 30's, went into the water with the rental car but were able to get out safely, said Carla Iafrate, spokeswoman for the Bellevue Police Department.

The three, who primarily speak only Spanish and needed an interpreter to explain to police what happened, called 911 to say their car was floating, Iafrate said.

"They said something about being in a jungle."

Thursday, June 16, 2011

More from Refugio, Texas*

From that Sex-Crazed Sodom and Gomorrah Wanna-be, Refugio* is in the Headlines Again, as Two Refugio Women Sue Sheriff, Deputies, and County for Strip Search
*Now second only to Florida in Felony Dumbness

From our friends at KZTV-10, June 15, 2011

The Sheriff of Refugio County is named in a federal lawsuit filed by Brittah Williams and Jessica Mascorro last week in Victoria.

Williams intended to tell us her story on camera. But she says her attorney advised her not to.

The suit names Refugio County Sheriff Robert Bolcik, Deputy Jeff Raymond, and Deputy Shelly Hertig.

According to the court document, on December 31, 2009 the women were returning to Refugio after a shopping trip when Bolcik and Raymond, who were on duty, pulled them over near the Bayside Bridge in Refugio County.

The lawsuit goes on to say that Sheriff Bolcik told Mascorro, "that he had information that her boyfriend was smuggling drugs into the county." Bolcik then requested to search Mascorro's vehicle. No drugs were found according to the lawsuit.

Chris Gale is the attorney representing Williams and Mascorro.

He spoke with us by phone. "I find it just disturbing. I mean the first part of it is that they stopped them to begin with just because they said 'hey we heard that somebody you know might be be committing some crimes ?' Uh, there's something kind of wrong there. It's called probable cause or reasonable suspicion to detain. My clients didn't do anything," he said.

The suit then describes what allegedly happened when Deputy Hertig arrived on the scene. She told the women, "'to pull their dresses up to their neck and their underwear down to their ankles, to bend over and spread their cheeks."

"Then they were strip-searched. I mean that's just crazy," Gale told us.

The search lasted approximately 2 hours according to the suit. And that "many witnesses informed plaintiffs, which are Williams and Mascorro, that they saw them on the side of the highway being strip-searched."

We contacted Sheriff Bolcik for comment.

He said neither he nor deputies Raymond and Hertig would comment until they had been served with papers concerning the lawsuit.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Justice Served

Authorities in Refugio, Texas, say a 53-year-old man died while raping an elderly woman in her home earlier this month.

Investigators confirmed that Isabel Chavelo Gutierrez died - in the middle of raping his 77-year-old victim.

According reports cited at the local sheriff's office, the 250 pounds registered sex offender complained he wasn't feeling well and "stopped having sex with her so he could rest."

Gutierrez, had broken in to the victim's home in Tivoli and began raping her at knifepoint. He then he rolled over and died.

The Refugio County Sheriff's Office was not immediately available for comment.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Great Britain's Rear of the Year Award Goes To 50 Year-Old TV Presenter

Always striving for the unusual, the British have a special award for the woman with the sexiest derriere in the nation. This year's winner is a 50 year-old TV presenter who has preserved her bottom in pristine condition. Carol Vorderman beat out her closest rival, Pippa Middleton, the sister of Kate Middleton, Prince William's new bride.

The hottest rump in the realm can be seen in a news video at:

You be the judge.

German Reenactment of the Hindenburg Disaster

German authorities investigate fatal blimp crash

Jun 14 2011

In an apparent attempt to reenact the fatal 1937 crash and burning of the ill-fated German zeppelin, Hindenburg, at Lakehurst, New Jersey, a Goodyear blimp crashed and caught fire at an airfield in Reichelsheim, Germany, near Frankfurt, killing the pilot. Three passengers escaped by jumping from the cabin.

The pilot of the Goodyear blimp screamed "I crashed the airship" before it burst into flames, a passenger who leapt to safety said.

Photographer Joachim Storch told media that the blimp, inappropriately named _ The Spirit of Safety _ missed its designated landing spot at Reichelsheim airfield in central Germany on Sunday evening, causing its engine to slam into the ground.

The pilot yelled "We had an accident!" followed by "I crashed the airship!" as fire swept through the blimp, Storch told the DAPD news agency on Monday.

The sudden loss of weight caused the ship to shoot into the air, where it burst into flames, burning the pilot who remained in the cabin to a crisp. His scorched remains are shown being carried away in a casket on Monday, following the Sunday crash.

Goodyear, which had commissioned the blimp as part of a road safety advertising campaign, said in a statement that it was halting the initiative and would leave its second airship in Europe grounded. It was not a very good advertisement for safety.

Granny Man Killer Got Away With Murder

Secrets of woman with 5 dead husbands in 5 states die with her

Jun 14 2011

(AP Photo/Augusta Police Department, File)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — To the outside world, Betty Neumar was a diminutive Georgia grandmother with a shock of white hair who operated beauty shops, attended church and raised money for charity. No one asked questions when her last husband died.

But she had a shocking history. Over a decades long trail she left five husbands dead in five states, under suspicious circumstances.

It wasn't until 2008 that Al Gentry, the brother of one of her dead husbands, persuaded North Carolina cops to re-examine the death of his brother, Harold Gentry, Neumar's 4th husband, who died in 1986.

Neumar was free on $300,000 bond on three counts of solicitation to commit first-degree murder in the 1986 death of Harold Gentry. Her trial was postponed numerous times since her arrest in 2008.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Norwegians Consider Whole Sheepshead A Culinary Delicacy

Smalahove (sheeps head) a bizarre Norwegian culinary tradition


It's lying there on a plate staring up at you, one of the most bizarre food traditions in the world. Smalahove (whole sheeps head) originated in the western part of Norway, but oddly has become a popular delicacy all over the small nation. It's usually served with cabbage stew, potatoes, beer and aquavit, a toxic combination.

It's customarily eaten in late fall, or just before Christmas. The best meat on the smalahove is thought to be around the eyes and the tongue – the bravest also eat the eye itself. Yuch! It requires one dead sheep per diner.

As soon as you overcome the grotesque look of the smalahove the Norwegians believe it is a world class exotic delicacy. No one else agrees. It's gross.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Vehicle Eating Elephant in IndiaRunner Image Gallery - Road Runner

Road Runner Image Gallery - Road Runner

A hungry, wild elephant was spotted eating a vehicle on a street in Mysore, in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, Wednesday, June 8, 2011. News reports say two wild elephants have gone on a rampage and government officials are trying to tranquilize the animals. Every year hundreds of people across India die when wild animals wander into cities as their natural habitats shrink and they have to range farther for food.

The elephant most likely was attracted by the odor of peanut butter sandwiches stored in the rear of the Land Rover and was attempting to upend the vehicle to get to the sandwiches. An Indian family was en route to a picnic when their vehicle was partially eaten by the elephant. The elephant was scared off by a passerby who shot bottle rockets at the animal.

The problem is compounded by the difficulty of moving a tranquilized two ton elephant back to its native habitat.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Man Bursts Into Apartment Carrying Dead Weasel And Assaults Visitor

HOQUIAM, Wash. — Police say a man was carrying a dead weasel when he burst into an apartment and assaulted a man in Washington state.

The victim asked, "Why are you carrying a weasel?" Police said the attacker answered, "It's not a weasel, it's a marten," then punched him in the nose and fled, leaving the weasel carcass behind.

Police later found the suspect arguing with his girlfriend at another location and arrested the 33-year-old man after a fight.

He said he had found the weasel/marten dead near Hoquiam, but police don't know why he carried it with him.

Martens are members of the weasel family.

Ukainian Man Tries To Use Novel Medical Defense For Groping Flight Attendant's Privates

A Ukrainian man pleaded guilty to sticking his hand up the skirt of a flight attendant during a late-April flight from London to New York.

During a plea hearing at a U.S. District Court in Brooklyn, Iurii Chumak, 53, admitted groping the female British Airways employee as she bent over to pour coffee for another passenger on the April 28 flight.

Speaking through a Russian interpreter, Chumak, a Ukraine citizen, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count before Magistrate Joan Azrack.

Chumak, who suffers from diabetes, said that the incident “happened because my blood sugar was low,” an excuse that the judge dismissed summarily. After first saying, "I touched a stewardess," Chumak continued, “Maybe I touched her private parts.” He then admitted that the molestation was intentional. It was just there yer honor and I just had to grab it was Chumak's explanation.

Chumak, pictured in the above mug shot, grabbed the flight attendant’s “genital area” and “began to run his fingers back and forth,” according to an FBI agent. Chumak, who was traveling with a tour group visiting New York and California, was quickly placed in restraints following the incident and was arrested by federal agents when the aircraft landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

A fellow passenger told investigators that a belligerent Chumak had been drinking from a bottle of Dewar’s scotch prior to the groping. When questioned by FBI agents, Chumak first denied molesting the flight attendant, and claimed that he “was drinking on the airplane, fell asleep, and woke up in restraints.”

Chumak, whose sentencing date has not been set, remains in custody at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn.

It was not clear if the flight attendant had spilled hot coffee on the other passenger's privates as a result of the surprise grope.

Dumb, Dumber & Dumbest Strike Cape Cod

Cops: Masked men hold up doughnut shop, get dough

Jun 10 2011

HYANNIS, Mass. — A trio of armed, masked morons in Cape Cod pulled off a heist at a Dunkin' Donuts shop. Wielding knives and a hatchet the cool crooks made off with a bag they believed contained dough, the proceeds from the day's sales.

Instead the bag contained dough, in the form of donuts.

The trio also managed to get themselves video taped, enabling police to make a quick arrest of the flim flam felons.

Arrested were 19-year-old Nicholas Mercurio, 21-year-old Lukas Peterson and 20-year-old Charles Iliffe.

It was unclear if any had attorneys. It was certain none had any brains.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bizarre Stuff's Love Story of the Day: They Were Made For Each Other

Jury convicts Calif. man in courthouse bombing

By JULIE WATSON Monday, Jun. 06, 2011

SAN DIEGO: A federal jury convicted a man Monday for a scheme in which he persuaded his girlfriend to bomb the San Diego courthouse so he could turn her in to the FBI for reward money.

The jury found Donny Love Sr. guilty on all 10 charges, including the use of weapons of mass destruction for the being the mastermind behind the May 4, 2008 backpack bombing incident that shattered glass doors at the Edward J. Schwartz Federal Courthouse, the same building where he was convicted Monday.

During the two-week trial, prosecutors said Love carried out the elaborate plan because he was in financial trouble and faced significant jail time from two pending state criminal cases.

Love instructed Rachelle Lynette Carlock and Ella Louise Sanders to purchase explosive powder and to steal bomb-making materials. Prosecutors say Love and others constructed pipe bombs at his residence in Menifee in Riverside County.

According to testimony presented at trial, Carlock and Eric Reginald Robinson drove from Love's residence to San Diego with a backpack containing three pipe bombs, and Carlock then detonated the bombs at the front doors of the federal courthouse.

After the bombing, Love met with FBI agents and offered to provide information in return for $75,000 in reward money, and help in dismissing two state court convictions for which he was facing six years in prison, prosecutors said.

Carlock, Sanders, and Robinson pleaded guilty for their participation and are awaiting sentencing.

The defense had argued that Love's girlfriend and two others who pleaded guilty to the bombing falsely accused him in hopes of receiving shorter sentences.

Love faces at least 30 years in prison and is expected to be sentenced Nov. 14. His lawyer, Robert Boyce, did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

Read more:

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Townspeople Use New Fountain As Toilet

Conn. city: People using new fountain sculpture as toilet

Not the actual fountain, a facsimile.

Jun 07 2011 08:41AM CST

NEW LONDON, Conn. — New London, the town that became famous in a U.S. Supreme Court decision about condemnation of property for use for public purposes, recently inaugurated a new public fountain that features a sculpture of a whale's tail with water spilling over it, and encouraged visitors to run through the water was turned off because visitors began using it as a toilet.

People have been urinating, defecating and showering in the fountain water. Some people who have cut themselves have also used the fountain to rinse off blood.

City Manager Denise Rose says police are developing a plan to better keep an eye on the area. That should really fix the problem. Cops can watch the defecators.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Weddings Becomng Dangerous Worldwide

Groom kills wife, best man and himself at Brazilian wedding

Not the actual wedding couple. An unknown substitute couple.

Recently, a bridegroom in Australia beat the crap out of his new wife on the way from the nuptials to the wedding reception. In this instance, in Brazil, a bridegroom shot and killed his new wife, best man and himself in front of wedding guests at the wedding reception.

He told horrified wedding guests that he had a "surprise" for them. but gave to explanation for his actions.

A brother of the bride was also wounded but was treated and released from the hospital.

Police investigator Joao Brito would not speculate on a possible motive, saying family members were in shock and he had not interviewed them yet.

The best guess is that the bridegroom had discovered his friend and 'best man' was stupting his fiance and decided to cap them both.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Coitus Interruptus

GAINESVILLE, Fla., May 28 (UPI) -- A horny Florida couple tried to find an obscure place to have sex late at night so they did it on a diving board located 30 feet above a public pool. An envious, uptight police officer arrested the couple for making too much noise whilst copulating. While on patrol he heard them screwing. They both probably were drunk as skunks.

The city has no law prohibiting fornication in public places so the over zealous cop charged them with trespassing.

State laws and city ordinances prohibit the public exhibition of sexual organs. But a local lawyer pointed out that if the man's organ was inside the woman, who was covered with a beach towel, no sexual organs were visible and no laws broken.

The couple was understandably annoyed at having their coitus interrupted by the nosy cop but expressed no interest in suing anyone, there being no recognized cause of action for coitus interruptus under Florida law.

Workers used bleach to clean the diving board before the pool opened Thursday morning.

Too Dumb To Learn - The Flying and Falling Wallendas

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — In 1978, Karl Wallenda of the infamous Flying Wallendas, a family of high wire acrobats, fell to his death while trying to walk a wire between two towers of a seaside hotel, 100 feet above the ground at age 73. Two mentally unbalanced members of the Wallenda family decided to commemorate his death by repeating the stunt.

Nik "The Nut" Wallenda had planned to walk by himself across a 300-foot-long (91-meters) wire, but his deranged mother convinced him to let her join him.

Nik said he had watched his great-grandfather fall hundreds of times in a video and wanted to complete the walk "for the family."

The mother-and-son team walked slowly toward each other on a damp morning, balancing on a wire as wide as a nickle. Nik Wallenda was wearing moccasin-style shoes that his mother had made. He carried a 45-pound balancing pole, while Delilah Wallenda carried a 25-pound pole.

They met at the middle and mom sat on the wire whilst Nik stepped over her.

"Normally, I'm in a zone," he said. "At this point, I was in no zone. I was still focused on my great-grandfather."

Nik lost his balance a few feet from the end and had to kneel to steady himself before completing the walk.

There was no indication what Grandpa Karl thought of the event.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Water-Skiing Elephant Dies

Jun 02 2011

(AP Photo/Courtesy of Liz Dane)

In this undated 1958 photo provided courtesy of Liz Dane, Dane is shown performing her act with Queenie the water skiing elephant. The Valdosta Daily Times reports that 59-year-old Queenie was euthanized Monday, June 2, 2011, after her health deteriorated.

VALDOSTA, Ga. — Queenie, an Asian elephant who gained fame by water skiing decades ago, died this week at the Georgia theme park where she had retired.

The 59-year-old elephant was euthanized Monday at the Wild Adventures theme park in Valdosta, Ga., park general manager Bob Montgomery said. The animal had suffered from declining quality of life and chronic health issues, The Valdosta Daily Times reported.

Liz Dane, who worked with Queenie for years, told The Associated Press on Thursday night that the elephant was a natural performer. Archival footage shows the younger elephant balancing on two attached giant skis with Dane alongside it as a motorboat pulled them through the water.

"She would stand on the skis at the edge of the water, and then once she got used to that they just slowly started towing the skis out and she just loved it," said Dane, who lives in Concord, N.H. "She would put her trunk in the water and get a big scoop of water and spray it all over the place!"

"I doubt very seriously that you'll ever see another elephant water ski," Dane said.

Queenie was born in Thailand in 1952 and imported to the U.S. as a baby. In the fall of 1953, during a visit to a New York City pet store, the 9-year-old Dane told her father she wanted the animal as a pet, she wrote in a historical account of their relationship.

So they loaded the 250-pound elephant into their 1953 Mercury _ with the back seat removed _ for the drive home to New Hampshire, she wrote.

Queenie also played the harmonica, and performed at state and county fairs, Republican rallies, military bases and circuses around the country.

Dane said it was a Florida couple, Marj and Jim Rusing, who taught Queenie to water ski, which she did during the 1950s and 1960s. Dane said the Rusings had trained other elephants to ski, but Queenie at the time was the world's only water-skiing elephant.

Queenie retired to the south Georgia theme park in 2003. Dane said the handlers there took excellent care of her.