Sunday, June 12, 2011

Vehicle Eating Elephant in IndiaRunner Image Gallery - Road Runner

Road Runner Image Gallery - Road Runner

A hungry, wild elephant was spotted eating a vehicle on a street in Mysore, in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, Wednesday, June 8, 2011. News reports say two wild elephants have gone on a rampage and government officials are trying to tranquilize the animals. Every year hundreds of people across India die when wild animals wander into cities as their natural habitats shrink and they have to range farther for food.

The elephant most likely was attracted by the odor of peanut butter sandwiches stored in the rear of the Land Rover and was attempting to upend the vehicle to get to the sandwiches. An Indian family was en route to a picnic when their vehicle was partially eaten by the elephant. The elephant was scared off by a passerby who shot bottle rockets at the animal.

The problem is compounded by the difficulty of moving a tranquilized two ton elephant back to its native habitat.

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