Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another Faked Boob Fallout?

June 27, 2011

Jennifer Lopez, the sexy singer and actress, most acclaimed for her booty and her predilection for gangster boyfriends, joined a long list of female entertainers to suffer a "wardrobe malfunction" that resulted in the exposure of one of her boobs. Ho hum.

Johnny Carson, the long running late night talk show host of Tonight, became well known in his time for the number of female entertainers who managed to 'lose a boob' while being interviewed on his show. No Hollywood prima dona now can afford not to have exposed one of her tits on national TV.

In the accompanying photo, J.Lo manages to lean forward sufficiently for her right boob to fall out of her loose topped dress. An accommodating censor hastily added a blue star to hide the offending nipple and aureola while still maximizing the public relations value of the exposure.

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