Thursday, June 16, 2011

More from Refugio, Texas*

From that Sex-Crazed Sodom and Gomorrah Wanna-be, Refugio* is in the Headlines Again, as Two Refugio Women Sue Sheriff, Deputies, and County for Strip Search
*Now second only to Florida in Felony Dumbness

From our friends at KZTV-10, June 15, 2011

The Sheriff of Refugio County is named in a federal lawsuit filed by Brittah Williams and Jessica Mascorro last week in Victoria.

Williams intended to tell us her story on camera. But she says her attorney advised her not to.

The suit names Refugio County Sheriff Robert Bolcik, Deputy Jeff Raymond, and Deputy Shelly Hertig.

According to the court document, on December 31, 2009 the women were returning to Refugio after a shopping trip when Bolcik and Raymond, who were on duty, pulled them over near the Bayside Bridge in Refugio County.

The lawsuit goes on to say that Sheriff Bolcik told Mascorro, "that he had information that her boyfriend was smuggling drugs into the county." Bolcik then requested to search Mascorro's vehicle. No drugs were found according to the lawsuit.

Chris Gale is the attorney representing Williams and Mascorro.

He spoke with us by phone. "I find it just disturbing. I mean the first part of it is that they stopped them to begin with just because they said 'hey we heard that somebody you know might be be committing some crimes ?' Uh, there's something kind of wrong there. It's called probable cause or reasonable suspicion to detain. My clients didn't do anything," he said.

The suit then describes what allegedly happened when Deputy Hertig arrived on the scene. She told the women, "'to pull their dresses up to their neck and their underwear down to their ankles, to bend over and spread their cheeks."

"Then they were strip-searched. I mean that's just crazy," Gale told us.

The search lasted approximately 2 hours according to the suit. And that "many witnesses informed plaintiffs, which are Williams and Mascorro, that they saw them on the side of the highway being strip-searched."

We contacted Sheriff Bolcik for comment.

He said neither he nor deputies Raymond and Hertig would comment until they had been served with papers concerning the lawsuit.

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