Friday, June 24, 2011

Ethiopia - Sisterhood Is Bizarre

Mursi tribal women devise technique to avoid having to wash dinner plates and to serve food.

June, 2011
Ethiopia -

Ethiopian women of the Mursi tribe (right) have devised a method to keep their dinner plate continuously clean without having to wash dishes in a stream or river. They also have a built-in serving platter fixed to their heads to serve male tribal members while kneeling in front of them, the so-called head plate. Head, or serving plates, must be washed by dunking their heads in a stream or river or by standing beneath a waterfall.

It is not clear what function is performed by the ear plates; perhaps to enhance hearing or as an adornment. More research is needed on this topic.

The woman from the neighboring Hamar tribe accompanying the Mursi woman does not appear envious of her friend's automatic dishwasher. She has her own special hair do, known as the hanging bag look.

It also is not known if Mursi men or Mursi dentists approve of this distortion of the womens' lips. Again, more research is needed. A Hungarian researcher from North Texas is currently studying the phenomenon.

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