Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dumbest U.S. Governor Adds to Stupidity Luster

World class stupid gubernatorial decision by Rick Perry

June 18, 2011

Perry is the one on the left.

Texas Governor Rich Perry, twice selected as the dumbest governor in America by the National Conference of Governors, members of his own family, and an obscure South Pacific tribe that lives on an unpopulated island, took a major step in burnishing his reputation for stupidity on June 17, by vetoing a sensible bill than would have banned Texas drivers from texting or sexting via cell phone while driving. The veto, the latest in a long string of stupid actions by the Governor since he inherited the governorship from George W. Bush, poised him to vie for the lowest rung on the Republican Party list of potential Presidential candidates, along with Sara Palin and the All Mighty Grand Poo Bah of the Ku Klux Klan.

Intelligent Texans, who are eager for Perry to leave the state, also are rightfully concerned that Perry, like George W. Bush, might actually be awarded the office of the Presidency by an even stupider U.S. Supreme Court than the one in 2000, that ushered in one of the most disastrous 8 year periods in American history. There is considerable fear the nation might not survive the Presidency of two former Texas governors. "They just don't grown them as dumb and mean anywhere else in the U.S.," according to former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stevens who wept when the Supreme Court gave the 2000 election to George (Dumber Than He Had to Be) Bush.

Sandra O'Connor, who was the swing vote illegally awarding the Presidency to GWB is said to have thrown up every morning after the decision for 8 years. Her application to patent this process as the Sandra O'Connor Diet Plan was denied by the U.S. Patent Office.

In his own defense Perry vowed to continue his policy of supporting only the "get rich quick and screw the U.S. working class" plans of powerful U.S. lobbyists for AT&T, EXXON, and Chuck E. Cheese. Perry has proposed to sub-contract the operation of the Texas State Government to Kuala Lampur for $17.95 annually plus costs, estimated at slightly more than one trillion dollars, to be paid for by abolishing the state teachers retirement fund. Perry was quoted as saying, "They all have Medicare; what more do they need?"

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