Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Townspeople Use New Fountain As Toilet

Conn. city: People using new fountain sculpture as toilet

Not the actual fountain, a facsimile.

Jun 07 2011 08:41AM CST

NEW LONDON, Conn. — New London, the town that became famous in a U.S. Supreme Court decision about condemnation of property for use for public purposes, recently inaugurated a new public fountain that features a sculpture of a whale's tail with water spilling over it, and encouraged visitors to run through the water was turned off because visitors began using it as a toilet.

People have been urinating, defecating and showering in the fountain water. Some people who have cut themselves have also used the fountain to rinse off blood.

City Manager Denise Rose says police are developing a plan to better keep an eye on the area. That should really fix the problem. Cops can watch the defecators.

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