Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Mexico Cop Tweets About Pistol Whippings, Dead Muslims

N.M. cop threatens to pistol whip anyone saying "imma" instead of "I'm going to"

FRIDAY Jun 17, 2011

An Albuquerque psycho cop (probably one of those in the photo) who avoided disciplinary action for making comments about killing people on MySpace is now being investigated for sending tweets about pistol whippings and Muslims.

Detective Pete Dwyer is being reassigned to desk duty during an internal investigation, the Albuquerque Journal reported Friday. Some suggested Dwyer should be assigned to toilet cleaning duty.

Dwyer also had some choice comments about Muslims, suggesting they were better off dead, while a link to another of his posts displayed a Nazi flag emerging from a red, white and blue logo from Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

It is clear Dwyer is a lunatic and should be fired.

The Twitter postings were dated between May 20 and June 4, police said. Several other Albuquerque cops have made race baiting and other bizarre comments on social network sites.

"Obviously, we have some serious problems here," said the Albuquerque police chief in a colossal understatement.

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