Tuesday, July 10, 2012

BBQ Bites Back

Published - Jul 10 2012 11:30AM CST
Associated Press
TACOMA, Wash. (AP) — A Tacoma man needed emergency surgery after eating a steel bristle from a grill brush he used during a barbeque.
Doctors found a metal bristle on a CT scan and performed surgery to get it out.
KING 5 reports that (http://is.gd/J7Tivj ) Adam Wojtanowicz (woh-TAN-oh-witz) went to the hospital Sunday complaining of abdominal pain that wouldn't go away despite his taking medication. (what, a metal solvent?)
Wojtanowicz says he recently hosted a cookout, and he thinks a steel bristle from his grill brush fell onto his steak and he cooked and swallowed it without noticing. 
The Centers for Disease Control says it knows of at least six people who have recently suffered similar, potentially fatal, injuries. It doesn't blame a particular brand or type of brush.
Wojtanowicz is expected to recover.  The brush is in potentially critical condition but still could be used for post dining S&M.
Outdoor cooks are encouraged to clean their grills before cooking any food, rather than during cooking.

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