Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fellatio and the Second Amendment

Sep.8. 2014 Man Fires 9mm Gun At Couple Who Interrupted Public Fellatio Because of his 2nd Amendment Remedy! When the Founding Fathers sat down to write the Second Amendment, what they had in mind were situations like the following. You're a man (the Constitution is for men, because the laydeez should be at home making sammiches and looking purty). After a hard day at the office, you put on a tuxedo, head for the city's red-light district and hire a lady entrepreneur to perform oral sex on you...because the invisible hand (or mouth) of the market rules! But your well-earned, free-market, all-American relaxation is interrupted by a pair of liberal busybodies. Now, in some other God-forsaken country, your choices of action would be circumscribed. But this is America, goddamn it! So you do what any reasonable, red-blooded non-socialist American man who has a blow-job interrupted does: you pull out your 9mm and blast away. 2nd Amendment remedy, bitches! That's what the Founding Fathers were talking about!


  1. Blowjobs are a Constitutional right!

  2. You're damned right. Freedom of speech, speaking in tongues.