Thursday, January 22, 2015

Son Uses Dead Mom's Corpse to Withdraw Funds

1/24/15 Police in Minnesota are investigating if a man wheeled his dead mother into a bank to withdraw funds in her name just hours before he reported her deceased. Up until her death two weeks ago, Caryl Vanzo, 90, had been living with her son David at his home in Plymouth. But just seven hours before he called local police to report his mom's death, the pair took a taxi to a local branch of Wells Fargo where they withdrew $850. David Vanzo denies that his mother was already dead when he took her to the bank and claims the $850 was from a joint account. He was arrested for elderly neglect after his mother's death two weeks ago Bank employees recalled seeing Caryl's feet dragging under the wheelchair and were unsure if she was breathing. A search warrant citing the employees says she 'did not move' and employees 'couldn't tell if she was breathing.' A neighbor who saw them leave in the taxi also wondered if Caryl was dead.

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