Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Parents To Be Committed For Psychiatric Evaluation

Couple with 19 children conceive number 20.

Los Angeles, CA
Nov. 8, 2011

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, in the rear in photo only, already have over- contributed to the world population explosion, which just reached 7 billion, by bearing 19 children.

The couple, who have exploited their bizarre reproductive habits for profit, just announced their 20th impending contribution to the population explosion.

Mimicking a pair of over-sexed rabbits, Michelle and Jim Bob have seen little of their children over the years because they spend most of their time coupling in the bedroom, or the garage, or the bathroom, or the kitchen, or the yard.

Public authorities have called for the involuntary separation of the couple to prevent their adding to the world's woes by continuing to add children.

When asked to comment by reporters, Jim Bob said, "Hey, man. I just like to screw. What's wrong with that?"

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