Saturday, November 19, 2011

Super Stupid Pilot Locks Self In John And Creates False Hijacking Scare

Nov. 19, 2011

Not the actual pilot. A substitute dummy.

A really dumb pilot for Chautauqua Airlines, operating a flight from Asheville, S.C. into La Guardia NY for Delta Airlines, locked himself in the lavatory of the aircraft 20 minutes before the scheduled landing. Unable to free himself, he compounded his stupidity by giving a male passenger with a thick foreign accent the password necessary to gain entrance to the cockpit and the co-pilot and flight attendant, to summon them for help. The latter wisely refused to open the door to the flight deck but radioed ahead to describe the situation. Just as the co-pilot was being cleared for an emergency landing, the dumb captain fought his way out of the toilet and declared all was well, except for his brain which was in terminal lapse.

No plans have yet been announced by Chautauqua for the involuntary retirement of the brain dead pilot. Does anyone else think major airlines should operate their own aircraft?

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