Sunday, January 1, 2012

And You Can Keep The Change

Cops: Man tried to use $1M bill at NC Walmart

Dec 31 2011

Associated Press

LEXINGTON, N.C. (AP) — Do you have change for a million-dollar bill?

Police say a North Carolina man insisted his million-dollar note was real when he was buying $476 worth of items at a Walmart.

Investigators told the Winston-Salem Journal ( ) that 53-year-old Michael Fuller tried to buy a vacuum cleaner, a microwave oven and other items. Store employees called police after his insistence that the bill was legit, and Fuller was arrested.

The tip-off was that Fuller was wearing a pink mask and was carrying a pistol when he attempted to pass the phony million dollar bill. KMart stores do not keep a million dollars at each store to make change so there was no way the many could have gotten the correct change. He also wasn't offered an opportunity to open a KMart credit card account.

The largest bill in circulation is $100. The government stopped making bills of up to $10,000 in 1969. This move was made as a convenience to small shop owners and street peddlers who seldom could make change for, say, a $10,000 bill to purchase an Eskimo Pie.

Fuller was charged with attempting to obtain property by false pretense and uttering a forged instrument. He is in jail on a $17,500 bond, and it isn't clear if he has an attorney. He is scheduled to be in court Tuesday.

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