Sunday, August 5, 2012

Yeowchh, says the rapist

Shown here is a prototype of a condom, to be worn by women, to make a rapist wish he wasn't.  The device has razor sharp teeth that latch on to a penis and won't let go.  The harder the rapist pulls the more pain he inflicts on himself.

The "killer" condom can only be removed by surgical intervention by a doctor.  It also alerts police because the doctor must report it and the cops nail the rapist with all evidence neatly packaged.


  1. Ouch to the guy, but I am not saying it is not a good idea. I just wouldn't want to be the woman holding that thing in me all of the time just in case there is that 25% chance that I may be raped. That would be uncomfortable, and there still is a 75% chance that I would never be raped. If I had been raped, I could see a point to it as it would present me with a false sense of security. I say false because we all know that when a rape doesn't go the way it was intended, the result could be death to the victim. The person we are dealing with is a violent person by nature as evident due to the need to rape someone for sexual gratification.

  2. Very thoughtful comment, Pammy. Like many such 'inventions' the downsides, as you describe, appear to outweigh the benefits. Further, as we now know, rape is an act of aggression against women and not for sexual gratification.

  3. This is an invention that probably is destined for very limited use.