Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jesus On the Loose Again

Oct.20, 2012

Recent, apparently dramatic public appearances of Jesus: Beeville, Tex.; August (Jesus in a breakfast taco). Belfast, Northern Ireland; August (Jesus on a tree stump in the Belfast City Cemetery). Sunderland, England; June (Jesus among the peeling paint on the door of a Chinese-food takeout stand). Port St. Lucie, Fla.; May (Jesus on the television show "The Bachelor" -- at least as per a woman's photo of the TV screen during the show). Splendora, Tex.; May (mold on a bathroom wall). New Orleans; April (Jesus in a shadow cast through a chandelier in the Ursuline Academy Chapel). Charleston, S.C.; April (Jesus on the back of a dead stingray). Clermont, Fla.; March (Jesus on an electric company meter at the Torchlite RV Park). Beeville: [KENS-TV (San Antonio), 8-6-2012] Belfast: [UTV New Media (Belfast), 8-9-2012] Sunderland: [Sunderland Echo, 6-28-2012] Port St. Lucie: [WPBF-TV (West Palm Beach), 5-15-2012] Splendora: [KTRK-TV (Houston), 5-31-2012] New Orleans: [WWL-TV via KTHV-TV (Little Rock, Ark.), 4-3-2012] Charleston: [Beaufort Gazette, 4-2-2012] Clermont: [WKMG-TV (Orlando), 3-21-2012]
The photo depicted here is definitely not that of Jesus.  It is of a model, Sofia Vergara, who suffered one of those now frequent wardrobe malfunctions at some public charity event.  "Bare Boobs and Asses for Sleep Apnea."  The strange part of the photo is what appears to be the head of a male penis pushing against the left ass cheek of the model.  If she didn't notice that her ass was in the air she probably didn't notice the "stuffy" either.
To contact Jesus directly call one or more of the above locations, or, go there to see for yourself.

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