Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dead Deer Resurrected by Cop

Deer stumbles from car trunk, eludes cop

Mar 20 2013 

KALAMAZOO, Mich. — Talk about junk in the trunk.

A public safety officer checking a suspicious car parked behind a southwestern Michigan motel early Tuesday was more than a little surprised when a deer climbed out of the trunk, stumbled onto the road and bolted into nearby woods.

TV stations WWMT, WZZM and WOOD report that the driver told Kalamazoo officer David Miller he hit the deer on the road — thought he had killed it — and was taking it home for his family to eat.  He probably planned to butcher it with a meat cleaver like the one shown here so the deer really got lucky.

Squad car dashboard camera footage shows Miller opening the trunk, then quickly trying to close it as he spots the deer. The animal escapes from the trunk, rear first, stumbles and rolls, then dashes off.
Lt. Stacey Geik says the collision probably just stunned the deer.

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