Saturday, March 2, 2013

Man Has Gender ID Problem

Suspect Jorge Perales
Suspect Jorge Perales
Jose Angel Perales, 24, was arrested on February 22, 2013, on suspicion of robbing Dr. John’s Lingerie Store in Davenport, Iowa. Whoever opened the store around 8 a.m. on February 17, called police when it was evident that someone had entered and robbed the store overnight.

A routine review of the security camera footage showed a suspect, believed to be the 325-pound, 5-foot-11-inch Perales, entering the store through an unlocked door. The suspect took his time, roaming around the store shopping for lingerie and sex toys. The psychological repercussions of what happened next on the tape are unquantifiable at this time, but will probably cost the police department at least a few bucks in job-related counseling. Perales,according to the complaint, “walked into the manager’s office where he took all his clothes off, opened some of the merchandise and began to please himself anally on the manager’s desk and futon/couch.” When Perales walked out he was identified by the tattoo of the word Perales on his back in Old English calligraphy. He was in the store trying on clothes and trying out sex toys, for about two hours. He left “wearing a dress and blond wig belonging to the business and carrying a Dr. John’s purple merchandise bag containing various items belonging to the business.”
Perales was arrested and reportedly later confessed to the theft. A search of his home turned up some of the missing items, though that was of little use to Dr. John’s. The value of the stolen items was estimated at $2,000 and many of the items recovered

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