Friday, June 14, 2013

Prostitute in hurry loses trick and is charged by cops

June 14, 2013
A woman who called police to report her “pimp” for harassment was charged with prostitution when she underestimated how long it would take police to arrive at her motel, according to police.
Jennifer Lowery, 34, contacted West Haven police on Sunday to report that her “pimp” was verbally harassing her, according to West Haven police. 
Officers responded to Super 8 Motel, at 7 Kimberly Avenue, and said they found Lowery in a motel room with Richard Burford, who police said paid Lowery $200 for sex.
Nothing happened between them because police arrived to speak with Lowery before they engaged in any sexual activity, police said.
“I thought it would take the police a while to show up, so I figured I would turn a trick,” Lowery said, according to police.
She was charged with prostitution and Burford was charged with patronizing a prostitute.
The accompanying photo shows Lowery and her intended customer, Richard Burford.

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