Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Xmas, Little Timmy, From Your Uncle Dopey, I'll Show You How To Use It.

Pot-stuffed teddy bear found at Calif. toy store

Dec 28 2009

MISSION VIEJO, Calif.— Authorities say they confiscated a teddy bear at a Southern California toy store that was stuffed with marijuana.

The owner of Toy Town said Monday that he got the package last week, opened it up and found a 2-foot-tall blue teddy bear that felt "hard and crinkly." The bear turned out to be stuffed with two large, vacuum-sealed packages of marijuana.

Owner Joshua Vecchione says he called Orange County sheriff's officials but before they could arrive someone bought the dopey bear from a store clerk who was not aware of the bear's contents. She told police the buyer said it would be great for his little nephew. He paid cash and left the store quickly, according to the clerk.

The package was addressed to someone in Colorado and mailed from Thousand Oaks with the toy store, in Ladera Ranch, as the return address. Police said they were seeing more and more of this sort of activity to disguise MJ shipments by mail and that this was the first such incident they had seen.

Shown here is an equal quantity of marijuana that was seized from the bladder of a pig. It looks like someone has been cutting off small pieces from one of the bricks, probably for analysis in the police lab.


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