Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nude Couple Rob Texas Bank

Nude man and woman rob bank

Dec 15 2009

La Torta, TX.— A nude man and woman were incorrectly identified in a post yesterday as the robbers of a South Texas bank. The nude couple pictured in the earlier post are members of a nudist group and had no involvement with the robbery.

Authorities in South Texas are still searching for the real nude couple who held up the bank then fled with a wad of cash. According to a news release from the Sheriff, the man demanded money from a teller at a Bank of South America branch on Friday afternoon and said he had a weapon. The teller asked him where his weapon was and he pointed at the woman. The teller took one look at the unclothed woman and immediately gave the man an unspecified amount of cash, who then fled on foot with the woman.

Citizens were asked to be on the lookout for a naked man and woman carrying a lot of cash. The woman, police warned, may be armed.

The replacement photo above was taken by a local resident and these are the only suspects police have at the time. It is unknown who the nude pair are and where they reside. When shown the photo, a bank guard present during the robbery provided a positive identification of the woman but did not not recall what the male robber looked like from the rear.

Compounding the problem facing police is the fact that the beach where the above photo was taken is a nude beach and there are dozens of similarly nude couples.

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