Thursday, December 31, 2009

Plastered Boozer Woman Almost Sets State Record For Blood Booze Content

Woman's .708 blood alcohol level may set state record

Dec. 30, 2009

South Dakota authorities say a woman found passed out in a stolen vehicle may have set a state record with a blood alcohol content of .708, or almost nine times the legal limit.

Meade County State's Attorney Jesse Sondreal says his research indicates that a level of .40 is considered lethal for about half the population, the Rapid City Journal reports.

Sondreal says the state's legal limit is .08 and that state chemists cannot recall registering a blood alcohol content above .56, WKOW-TV, of Rapid City, reports.

The authorities say troopers found the woman, 45-year-old Marguerite Engle, passed out beside along a highway on Dec. 1 in a van that had been reported stolen.

She missed her court appearance on Dec. 15, but was found Monday sitting in another stolen vehicle in a ditch beside another highway near Fort Meade after another apparent round of drinks.

Her attorney declined comment, the Associated Press reports.

(Posted by Doug Stanglin)

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