Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dad Demonstrates Sportsmanship To Son and Son's Teammates: Is Arrested & Charged With Mayhem

Bad Dad attacks opposing coach after son's basketball team's loss.

An angry dad attacked a 6th grade basketball coach after his son's team lost a game, then bit off part of the coach's ear.

The stricken coach was rushed to a local hospital where he underwent surgery to have the severed portion of his ear reattached.

The attack occurred Friday night at Holy Name School in Springfield, Mass., after his son's team lost in the Catholic Youth Organization finals, Timothy Lee Forbes, shown above, punched the winning coach, then bit off part of his ear, said Hampden assistant district attorney Marie Angers. Several of the 10-12 year old kids, who had gathered on the court to shake hands, were knocked to the floor and left crying after the incident.

People at the game pulled Forbes off the coach -- but he fled the gym before cops arrived.

The CYO Basketball League said it was "stunned by this act against one of our most dedicated coaches" and that it was the first time anything like it had occurred in league history.

Forbes, 34, turned himself in to authorities at the Springfield courthouse on Monday. He pleaded not guilty to disorderly conduct, assault and battery, felony mayhem and other charges. He faces a hearing this week to determine if he'll pose a public threat if released on bail.

His attorney Philip Lauro said his client has no prior record and strong ties to the community. However, police say that Forbes has a criminal history.

Words were exchanged that ignited the "horrific outburst," the attorney said. Neither of the youth teams involved were affiliated with Holy Name or the local Catholic Diocese.

Another father was recently ejected from a girl's state tournament hockey game in Massachusetts for shining a laser pointer into the eyes of players on the opposing team.

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