Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Longoria Leads Great Tit Exposure Race

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In the ongoing contest to determine which female celebrity can expose the most tit without actually revealing a full nipple, the Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria topped the charts in the daring exposure of her right boob at a ball celebrating her own charity.

No, the charity does not award free peeks at Longoria's tits to needy men. But all the men and women at the ball who hadn't already slept with her got a free treat to almost 3/4ths of the actor's right boob. (See photo)

Janet Jackson actually bared a full breast with nipple at a Superbowl halftime show, but it was an alleged accident (sure) and led to a fine of the TV network for showing the full tit with nipple.

Of course Janet's boobs are no match for those of Longoria so it wasn't really a contest.

It seems inevitable that one of the top female celebrities is ultimately going to reveal one or both of her full, nipple bare, teats on a national network program. Leno and Letterman should be all over this.

So, Bizarre Stuff is holding a contest to determine which female celebrity is most likely to win the honor of first full tit barer. Enter your choice in the comments space below and Bizarre Stuff will tally and publish the results, and one day, hopefully, name a winner.

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  1. I think Angelina Jolie is the most likely female celebrity to bare one of her breasts with a full view of her nipple. Another possibility is Jessica Simpson, who is an unabashed nudist and possesses an excellent pair of mammary glands.

  2. Jennifer Lopez has melons which she shows 98% raw.

  3. My vote goes to Lindsay Lohan, during one of the times she is not in drug rehab.

  4. Kim Kardashian can't wait for one of her tops to burst so her boobs will be on full display.

  5. I vote for Kim Kardashian.