Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dumb Florida Criminal Facilitates Own Bust

MARCH 29, 2012

Bradenton woman hiding drugs in dentures, deputies say

MANATEE -- A woman with bad teeth was arrested for hiding drugs inside her dentures.

Theresa DeMarco, 56, was driving on First Street when a deputy stopped her for a loud muffler. When the deputy spoke with DeMarco and a passenger in her car, they "appeared extremely nervous," the report shows.

The deputy gave her a written warning for the muffler, and DeMarco stupidly allowed him to search the car and he found a hydromorphone pill where the passenger was seated and the passenger was arrested. The passenger then ratted out her friend and told the deputy that DeMarco kept walking away from the car to destroy some crack cocaine and that she was hiding more pills in her dentures.

When the deputy confronted DeMarco, she removed the pills from her dentures and swallowed them.

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