Saturday, September 8, 2012

Careless Drug Dealer Sets Up Own Bust

Man arrested after meth offer texted to officer

Sep 07 2012 

LEWISTON, Idaho (AP) — An Idaho man apparently trying to get the most bang for his drug-purchasing buck accidentally texted a narcotics detective while he searched for people to join him in a methamphetamine buy.
Police in Lewiston arrested 37-year-old Aaron D. Templeton Wednesday on suspicion of conspiracy to deliver methamphetamine.
Court records say one of the police detectives received a text Wednesday morning asking if he knew anyone looking for drugs. After determining it wasn't his co-workers playing a joke, the detective arranged to meet the man to deliver $150 that would be pooled with money from other buyers to enable a bulk purchase of meth.
Templeton was arrested when he arrived at the designated meeting place.
Police say it all started with a wrong number.

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