Saturday, September 22, 2012

Zimbabwe's Great Communal Flush-Out

Sep. 21, 2012

Zimbabwe's second largest city, Bulawayo, has a major sewer and water problem.  The city's sewer system is completely clogged and backed up after a prolonged drought dried up the city's main sources of water.

All one million residents are being asked by city officials to flush their toilets at exactly 7:30 PM on a day to be announced, in a massive effort to flush out the sanitary system.  The one question not addressed by officials is what happens if the great flush-out doesn't work and sewage starts backing up in the one million residents' homes?  "Oh, shit," said one official when alerted to this possibility.

Local merchants were already experiencing a large demand for gas masks and many residents were preparing to evacuate the city.  "This place is going to be a living cesspool if this doesn't work," said one resident who had two toilets in his home.

Readers of this blog are being requested not to visit Zimbabwe at this time and to send a chemical toilet to the embattled city.

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