Wednesday, September 26, 2012

If At First You Don't Succeed....Be Stupid Again

Six months after serving two years for bank robbery, an Ohio man was back in court this week to plead guilty to robbing the same downtown bank, The Cincinnati Enquirer reports.
As in 2010, Adam Billman, 28, had gone to the Key Bank on Fourth Street in Cincinnati in July and handed the teller this note: "This is no joke. Give me your 100s, 50s and 20s."
"He went to the same bank. He used the same note (wording). He used the same escape route," Assistant Prosecutor Stacy Lefton told Judge Ralph "Ted" Winkler in Hamilton County on Monday.
The judge was even blunter, telling Billman, "For someone to do what you did, it shows a total lack of brain power."
There was one difference, The Enquirer reports. This time, the teller included a dye pack in the stolen money, and it exploded. After knocking over the bank, Billman first had to stop by the Tower Place Mall to buy a fresh shirt before -- as he is wont to do -- fleeing by cab.

It was not clear whether Billman had the same facial hair in this heist as he had in 2010.  A bystander suggested Billman couldn't get a job and with Ohio's winter coming on, he decided that with three meals a day, a warm cell and pocket change he would be better off in the slammer than sleeping in the street.

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