Thursday, February 14, 2013

More On U.S. Cannibalism - 'Ain't she sweet.'

Prosecutors lose rulings in NY cannibalism case

Published - Feb 14 2013 03:27PM CST
Associated Press
NEW YORK (AP) — As cannibalism continues to rise in the U.S. a federal judge has dealt a blow to prosecutors trying to prove a New York police officer plotted to kill and eat women.
Federal Judge Paul Gardephe (GAHR'-duh-fee) made several rulings Thursday on what can be admitted into evidence at the trial of Officer Gilberto Valle (VAL'-ee). In almost every instance, he ruled for the defense.
In one ruling, the judge said an FBI agent cannot testify about cellphone data unless the government can show he used reliable methods to produce his facts. The government has said it will use cellphone data to prove the officer was doing surveillance on potential kidnap victims.
Defense lawyers say Valle had no criminal intent.
The judge also excluded two pictures and a video. The photo above was deemed too inflammatory and could prevent the defendant's having a fair trial.  And the judge says he'd let the founder of a fetish website testify from Russia via videotape.

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