Friday, February 21, 2014

Man Shakes Vending Machine - Loses Job

Anyone who has ever bought something from a vending machine knows how it feels to have your cash swiped without dispensing the goods. We may even give the machine a kick or two to release our candy bar or chips. We may then end up walking away minus a snack and our money.
According to the Des Moines register, Robert McKevitt, an Iowa man, wasn’t going to let a vending machine spiral hook keep him from his candy. He used a forklift to recover his Twix bar. After paying 90 cents for a Twix bar, the candy became stuck in a spiral hook. After adding more money, he still didn’t have any candy. Without any success, he tried banging on the machine and rocking it.
Instead of abandoning his candy, he climbed onto an 8,000 pound forklift and lifted the vending machine off the ground. McKevitt said after six tries, he shook lose the two candy bars he paid for and a bonus one for his troubles. Several days later, Polaris Industries terminated his employment. His request to collect unemployment was denied.
Read more about this shaking story at the Des Moines Register.

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