Saturday, February 8, 2014

To Publish or Not To Publish - That is the Question

Fellow Bizarre Stuffers,

I've been inactive recently because of health problems.  I've also noticed that the number of views and comments have dropped off.  With all the new competition out there (even major news rags, like Huffpost, have jumped on the bizarre bandwagon), I'm wondering if I should discontinue BizarreStuff.

We have a budget of $0, the lowest in the business.  So cutting prices is not an option.  No one pays. And my initial goal of having 1,000 members didn't materialize either.  We've never topped 54, which I chose to interpret as demonstrating that BS was an exclusive site, frequented only by hi-brow intellectuals or blithering idiots.

BZ has had a good run, since October, 2008, and has published 2300 bizarre stories, not bad for a one person operation.  More importantly, BS has never hesitated to present the truth, albeit occasionally embellished to make for a more bizarre story.

Anyway, the purpose of this note is to ask for a show of hands (comments) whether BS should continue or throw in the towel.

I will continue to accept votes (comments) until March 31, 2014 after which our Board of Directors will meet to determine the future of BizarreStuff.  Hint: There is no Board of Directors.  If you would like to be a Board member please let me know, soon.

Best wishes to each of you and thank you for supporting BS.

The Publisher,

The Graywolf~~

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