Friday, September 11, 2009

Woman Goes Postal Over Change Dispute

Cops: Woman pummels clerk after dispute over $20 bill

Sep 11 2009

Delaware State Police said a woman punched a gas station clerk in the face and held scissors to his throat in a dispute over how much money she had given him. The clerk at the Country Farms on West Newport Pike told police that a 26-year-old woman asked for $20 of gas, but only gave him a $1 bill. The clerk said the woman, certain that she had given him a $20 bill, screamed at him when he refused to give her $20.

Then police said the woman stormed behind the counter, punched the clerk in the face and held scissors to his throat. At that point, recalling an old school yard trick, he yelled King's X and cried uncle, while giving the woman two $10 bills.

Confused, the woman told the clerk she was not related to him and to stop calling her uncle.

As the woman drove away, police said she found the $20 bill in her purse and returned to the gas station, to apologize. Instead, police said she was arrested and charged with offensive touching and aggravated menacing. The clerk declined to press charges on condition the woman would go home with him when he got off work. She sized the young, well-muscled clerk up for a couple of seconds and agreed to the proposition.

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