Tuesday, October 20, 2009

British Woman Cleared For Take Off

Woman's snoring is louder than a jet engine

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Friday, October 16, 2009

A woman who snores at an ear-busting 111.6 decibels has been named as one of Britain's loudest snorers.

Jenny Chapman's snores are so loud she frequently wakes herself up and her long suffering husband has been forced to spend five nights per week sleeping in their spare room. It was not made immediately clear where he sleeps the other two nights. And it's probably not what you are thinking because the couple has no children.

The 60-year-old woman from Peterborough says she has had the problem for her entire life and even remembers waking her entire family up with her snores when she was five. Jenny's parents refused to have her euthanized, so she grew and with her grew her snore. As an adult, the blast of Jenny's snores is capable of propelling an adult through the air. (See photo above)

Last week Jenny took part in a snoring 'boot camp' where her snores were measured at 111.6 decibels, eight db louder than a low-flying jet. She was joined by five other snorers at the Hilton Warwick, where they took orders from Heartlands Foundation NHS Trust consultant ENT surgeon Dr. Matthew Trotter, as well as a professional personal trainer and a diet expert from MK Personal Training Academy.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend and have come away feeling determined to continue to tackle my snoring problem head on," said Jenny.

"The course content was spot on, from the ENT seminar through to the nutritional theory session and fitness practical. I’m certainly going to be applying all of the things that I have learnt this weekend once I get home"

Graham Carr-Smith, of Helps Stop Snoring, who organised the event said: "We managed to lower the level of snoring in five out of the six candidates which is testament of the fact that a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet, combined with our natural snoring remedies, really does work."

An official with the War Department said the government is interested in hiring Jenny, to sleep and snore in the same room with young Royal Air Force cadets, to accustom them to the roar of a jet engine. The official indicated that hiring Ms. Chapman would be much less expensive than the jet fuel consumed by the jet engines running at full throttle for the cadet training operations. He also stated it would provide Mr. Chapman some much needed respite from the "infernal racket" made by his wife whilst sleeping.

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