Monday, October 19, 2009

Hungarian Cops at Work in Budapest, Picking Up Litter

Entire police force in Hungarian town quits after winning more than 10 million pound lottery, citing demoralizing working conditions

15 Oct 2009

The 15-member police force of Budaors, Hungary, scooped the jackpot with their winning ticket on Tuesday and all resigned on the spot.

Police chiefs have scrambled back-up units to the region until more full-time officers can be recruited. Meanwhile robberies and burglaries have soared since the news was released, as crooks took advantage of the police holiday.

It was the sixth biggest win in Hungarian lottery history.

The mayor issued a special appeal to all crooks in the region to take a temporary holiday from crime until more officers could be hired.

A local crook, interviewed by reporters after the mayor's appeal, said he and his fellow crooks had families to feed and rent to pay and could not afford to take a crime holiday. He predicted an uptick in all crimes except murder and sexual assault, as crooks try to get in some early holiday theft. "I can knock over a toy store and give my kids a really big Christmas this year," said another crook who requested anonymity, fearing police retaliation when the town hires some new cops.

It was speculated by the town mayor that all 15 winners and their families would move to Budapest or Disney World.

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