Sunday, October 25, 2009

Men Set Up Flashing Booth At Breast Event

Women urged to turn bras into welcome cash, for charity

Sunday 25th October 2009

A LADIES night was held to raise money for the breast unit campaign.

Held at the Scout Hut in Cockshute Hill, there was a bra recycling unit for old bras to be donated, and for each one, an amount will go towards selected charities.

Stalls at the event included Phoenix cards, Pampered Chef, Body Shop, Jacobs Well crafts, reflexology and handbags.

Entrance cost £2.

Just outside the Scout Hut, two men caused a ruckus when they also offered to give women money for their old bras if they would take them off right there and briefly display their breasts for a camera shot. About a dozen women had already disrobed at the kiosk before the police were summoned by authorities to the Ladies Night event.

The women who had stood, bare breasted outside the building to be photographed were issued citations for indecent exposure. By then, the two men operating the illegal kiosk had disappeared, leaving behind the old bras and taking with them only memories and photos of the partially disrobed women.

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