Monday, May 16, 2011

Baked Bedbugs - Treatment Worse Than Problem

Ohio home burns down during treatment for bedbugs

May 16 2011

CINCINNATI — Fire officials in Cincinnati said a two-family home was destroyed when a heater being used by an exterminating company to kill bedbugs set a carpet on fire.

The house was being treated Sunday by an exterminator who says he gets rid of the pests by raising a home's temperature to 135 degrees using propane heaters. Residents are told to leave and remove anything flammable.

Citing overkill as the real problem (see the above fotos)Cincinnati Fire District Chief Glenn Coleman says the carpet was ignited by one of six heaters inside the home. He said the house didn't need to be burned to the ground in order to rid it of the pests. The fire went undetected until a neighbor saw smoke pouring from the house.

The exterminator, Richard Tyree, blamed an equipment malfunction for the fire and told The Cincinnati Enquirer he's never had a problem before. He says his company has insurance so it is "No problemo." The owner of the house disagreed, saying it was "mucho problemo" and that all the family's personal belongings were destroyed in the fire.


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