Saturday, May 7, 2011

See ya Later Alligator -- Afterwhile Crocodile

May 06 2011
FORD HEIGHTS, Ill. — A suburban Chicago man thought he had the perfect chick magnet in his pet alligator. Authorities only saw a dangerous animal.

A charge of possession of a dangerous animal has been filed against 43-year-old Dewayne Yarbrough of Ford Heights, who claims he kept the four-foot alligator to impress women.

Yarborough told authorities he was 10 times more likely to get laid by womwn to whom he showed the gator than those who were not shown the alligator.

Animal control investigators did not say how they learned of the alligator, which they found in Yarbrough's kitchen.

The alligator was taken Thursday to the Animal Welfare League and will be given to the Chicago Herpetological Society.the Chicago Herpetological Society. Yarborough is pictured above.

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