Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Prague Zoo Sells Elephant Crap

Stinky souvenirs! Elephant dung for sale.


PRAGUE — In the never ending quest to separate consumers from their money, the Czech Zoo in Prague has resorted to selling small quantities of elephant poop in containers that look like ice cream packaging.

Selling the elephant poop, which is the brainchild of the zoo director, Miroslav Bobek, whose surname coincidentally means offal, has proved popular among Czech gardeners.

$3.90 U.S. will get you 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) of elephant crap. Zoo officials claim they are moving about 200 kilos of crap every weekend, raking in about $800. The shit business is so good they plan to expand the program to weekdays as well. But one tourist said she wouldn't buy the crap at any price, calling the scheme "very unusual."

Elephant crap can be hand gathered for free in the wild, as shown in the attached photo. Of course you have to go where the elephants live, naturally.

The brisk sales of elephant crap suggests a possible market for all kinds of animal poop. Chimp crap should be popular, and lion dung The crap of exotic animals should bring higher prices. Who doesn't want a bag of lemur droppings or koala crap? Or what about a small bag of cobra crap? (See pic of cobra above.)

So far, Czech health officials haven't raised any red flags.

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