Monday, August 22, 2011

National Boob Freedom Alert

Bare-breasted activists parade through NYC for "Go-Topless Day"
Published - Aug 22 2011

Howard Portnoy, NY Headlines Examiner

Chanting "Free your breasts, free your mind," some three dozen activists paraded around Columbus Circle yesterday to demonstrate on behalf of national "Go-Topless Day."

Similar demonstrations took place elsewhere in the country, with women demanding that lawmakers abolish primitive codes that prohibit them from making a clean breast of it in public.

As in previous years, the women had their ample share of male supporters, many of whom joined in the parade, though some merely stood on the sidelines gawking.

In New York, state courts have ruled that women can go topless in public, as long as it's not for commercial enterprise.

New Jersey resident and protester Andrea Sestanovich, 20, said she doesn't understand why society is so uptight about women's desire to bare their breasts, adding that she enjoyed feeling the breeze against her own.

Men were praying for tens of thousands of additional women to join their sisters and unleash their boobies in a sea of mammaries.

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