Friday, August 12, 2011

When You Gotta Go You Gotta Go

Drunk JetBlue flier, member of U.S. ski team, booted for urinating on sleeping girl

According to The New York Post chaos erupted on (the airline's) red-eye flight from Portland, Ore., to JFK yesterday when a drunk member of the U.S. ski team peed on a sleeping 11-year-old girl."

The ntoxicated 18-year-old didn't realize he hadn't quite made it the whole way to the bathroom before unzipping and unloading.

"I was drunk, and I did not realize I was pissing on her leg," the 6-foot-4, 195-pound Vermont man is quoted by the Post as saying to authorities. The newspaper says he told them he had eight alcoholic drinks, though the Post did not say whether the man had claimed to have had those drinks on the flight.

The girl's father, who himself was in the bathroom at the time of the incident, came back to his seat just in time to catch the man "midstream," the Post writes.

As if that wasn't enough for one flight, Flight 166 was beset with another incident.

The Post says another man on the flight began complaining about chest pains about an hour before the flight was to land. He eventually vomited, and -- after calls for a doctor on board went unanswered -- the flight crew did its best to clean up and comfort the man until the flight landed.

Six police officers met the Flight 166 when it arrived, four officers for the urinating teenager and two for the ill passenger. No update was provided on the sick mans' condition, but the 18-year-old was released after being charged with indecent exposure.

The 11 year-old girl was promised a "I got peed on by an Olympian" by Jet Blue. Her enraged father may have been promised $10,000.

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