Monday, August 22, 2011

News From The Coast - California That Is

Aug. 22, 2011

Surf City, CA (nka Huntington Beach)

What a relief from the scorching heat of Texass. The mid-afternoon temp here is 76 degrees and you need a sweater to walk along the windswept beaches. Who knows why half the U.S. population has not moved here.

My estimate is that the current average number of visible square inches of tattooed skin per person in California is 22-24. Who knows what lies behind the clothed areas of the body?

I saw a straight young Cal. woman today with a tattoo of a naked woman on her arm. The photo included here is a sample.

Twenty to twenty-fice years from now, California will be a dermatalogical paradise, unless, as a man, you don't mind seeing a tattoo on your woman's pubis that reads, "Ralph was here, too." Or, if a woman, you don't care that your main squeeze has a tattoo on his manhood that says 'Wendy' and your name is Susan.

Anyway, it's a gas just to walk around and people watch here in California.

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