Saturday, December 3, 2011

Keep It Quiet, Dammit

Man choked in movie theater for disturbing the film

Anne-Marije Rook

According to the Seattle Police Department, a man was attacked while watching a movie at Majestic Bay Theatre for disturbing the film.

The police report states that the incident occurred during the five o’clock showing of “Tower Heist” on November 21.

The victim of the attack was watching the movie when his phone rang. After silencing his phone, the victim checked to see who had called him and the suspect, who sat a few seats over from the victim, yelled at the him to turn off his phone.

Five minutes later, the victim received another phone call and the suspect yelled at him again.

At some point during the movie, the victim spoke to himself and the suspect told him to keep his mouth shut.

The suspect then left the theater twice, brushing the victim’s legs as he walked past him.

When the suspect returned to his seat the second time, he grabbed the victim’s throat with both hands. The victim stated that he couldn’t breathe and tried to pull his attacker’s hands off him. The attack lasted for about 30 seconds and the suspect subsequently grabbed his backpack from his seat and left the theater.

While the officer did not observe any visible injury, three witnesses confirmed the attack.

The incident was referred to the Seattle Law Department for assault.

The victim was sorry he didn't heed the theater's warning to silence all cell phones. He'll probably be more responsible in the future, or carry his own handgun.

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