Monday, December 5, 2011

Suspicious High Yen Automotive Dust-Up In Japan

Jap Cops Suspect Foul Play - Insurance Execs Outraged

Dec. 4, 2011

In what one investigating officer described as a narcissists' convention, eight Ferrari's, two Mercedes-Benz and a Lamborghini were involved in a 14 car, luxury car collision Sunday on a Japanese highway. The resulting property damage was estimated to be in excess of $1,000,000. Sadly, none of the drivers or passengers were injured in the massive pile-up.

The Japanese association of insurers called for an investigation of alleged 'suspicious circumstances.' At least 5 of the car owners had been denied payment for previous property damage claims.

"It's hard to believe no one was injured in a multiple car collision of this magnitude, and that not one cheap Honda was involved" said an insurance company executive, Yokomodo Sukshoyani, who requested anonymity but did not get it. Another investigating officer said the scene resembled a staged Kamikaze event, on the eve of Pearl Harbor Day, Dec. 6. "These people were making some kind of a statement," he said. The officer was admitted to a psychiatric ward overnight for evaluation.

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