Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Deer Blow Chance To Grab Free Merchandise.

3 deer use automatic doors to enter Iowa store Nov 19 2012 

Associated Press
CORALVILLE, Iowa (AP) — Shoppers in Iowa got an unusual glimpse of wildlife Monday morning when a doe and two fawns entered a Kohl's department store thru the automatic doors.
Coralville Police Chief Barry Bedford says the deer used doors that open automatically to get into a Kohl's store.
He says the fawns remained in the store's vestibule, but their mother made it into the store and headed toward the back and women's lingerie, holding some discount coupons in her mouth.
Police say employees opened up some back doors permitting the doe to exit. The two fawns waited patiently until the doe left the store and then turned around and used the automatic exit doors to leave.
No injuries or damage were reported.

A Kohls spokesman indicated that Kohls welcomed all customers regardless of race, color, creed, ethnicity or species.

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